Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Hearts Growing Fonder with Fievel

As you all are well aware, Paige and I spent the last weekend apart. We knew it was a temporary separation, and so we got through the weekend just fine. However, this weekend we will be apart AGAIN. Friday through Sunday. All weekend.

This morning , Paige and I hung out for a while. Paige noted that her towel was weirdly still wet from the day before. I offered real cream for Paige's coffee as we usually have the powdered sketchy cheap stuff. We made weirdo normal person small talk. We finally looked each other in the eye and acknowledged what we both had on our minds: our soon-to-be absence from each other.

Paige: "My family and I are doing something on your bucket list this weekend, going to King of Prussia"
Holly: (look of disgust, surprise, and sadness, all at the same time) "What? Without me?"
Paige: "Yep, Nordstrom Rack baby"
Holly: "Well I am going figure skating without you"
Paige: "Ice dancing"
Holly: "You wouldn't even know what ice dancing was if it wasn't for me"

remember when?

This conversation was actually more sad and less cruel than it sounds. This is our way of saying, "I'll miss you, baby".

This post is all about getting through the weekend, missing each other. Because, like shorts in the winter, edamame, and Bananagrams, we have been really into lists lately, here is our Pros and Cons list of being apart AGAIN this weekend:



-VIP access to Paige's Toaster Oven bed
-More room on the couch
-Should I purchase any dairy products I don't need to share with anyone as other roommates are on a non-dairy diet
-Have access to Paige's wardrobe without having to sneak past Paige as she may have been sleeping, napping, or watching Buried Life on her computer
-I can put my iPod on shuffle and not get a nervously sick feeling when a new song comes on crossing my fingers it's not Hilary Duff's "Sweet Sixteen" or similiar


-No one to acknowedge that real coffee cream is being used for the first time in months (other roommates use weirder-than-powderded-milk creamer)
-Have to stare at Bucket List with "Visit King of Prussia Mall" and think about everything I am missing out on
-I can't say, "well I wasn't nearly as drunk as Paige" Sunday morning to my boyfriend when he makes a subtle comment about tequila-scented hair
-Less Girlpile



-Seeing my mom, dad, dog and sitting with all of them on our couch watching endless hours of HBO on demand on my parents huge TV (a TV with 100% working sound, btw)
-In their kitchen, my parents keep cereal, and goods with which one may craft sandwiches, including avocados! These are all things Holly and I deem pretentious foods (because we generally cant afford them)
-Shopping at Nordstrom rack and finding a size 8 pair of shoes I wont have to fight Holly for (even though we will obvs share them anyways)
-Not getting in an argument about ice/figure skating/dancing


-Not getting to see Holly's face light up when she enters King of Prussia Mall for the first time.
-My bed at home has no electric mattress pad and no Holly, thus is very cold.
-When I drink too many Stella's for one person neither Holly nor my brother will be there for me to blame the missing beer on.
-No girlpile, no roommates, and no making fun of Holly for being too-good at figure skating.

This weekend we will both have to keep insensitive jokes to ourselves. We will both have to be that awkward girl mixing plaids with sequins and shorts, alone, because that's somehow less of a crime when there's two of us. Handholding will need to be done with that of the opposite sex.

To add some sadness and flair to this post, Paige thought we include this killer video. We without a doubt, despite HBO lineup or consumption of Brooklyn Lager, will be looking at the moon this weekend, the same moon, and know we are thinking of each other. This is, obviously, an adorable Pro.

My younger sister Marena was OBSESSED with all things Fieval when we were young and she had a luxurious stuffed cat ironically named 'Fievel'. Just a fun Fievel fact.

Forever Your Girl,


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