Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween 2010: What a Trip

Halloween night 2009: Paige, myself, and Kristy dressed as skanky puppies complete with pigtails and homemade doggie paws. Chrissy wore a DVF Glen Close inspired Cruella DeVille ensemble that I’m pretty sure she has worn to work in midtown minus the wig.

We like our youngest roomie dressing as a functioning adult whilst the rest of us older ladies dress up as “experienced” 4th graders. This year will be no different!
Chrissy will be Shelley Long’s role as Phyllis Neffler in Troop Beverly Hills wearing khaki harem pants, a nice (probably designer) blouse, and tasteful non-plastic shoes.

Paige, Kristy and myself are wearing white thigh highs, something khaki to qualify as bottoms, a little boys size medium polo tee (I think I will chop the bottom 3 inches off mine) and homemade sashes with homemade badges showing we are qualified in shopping and loving kittens. Oh, and plastic platforms. Something sorta like this:

All of this should surprise no one, we just think its fair to let everyone know.

Some important things everyone must know about Troop Beverly Hills, my childhood, and other random Halloween tidbits:
-Tori Spelling is in Troop Beverly Hills

-There is a dance called “The Freddie” which we plan on learning and doing all day and night this Saturday and Sunday

-Paige nor I were never girl scouts, but Paige dated an Eagle Scout and my boyfriend thinks he is going to take me camping one day so...that must count for something
-Paige, Linda and I all love Thin Mints!
-There is a song called, "French Kissin' in the USA" on the soundtrack
-We obviously Netflixed Troop Beverly Hills and when it showed up it was cracked in two. We feel this is some sort of Halloween spooky omen but are going to proceed with doing the Troop Beverly Hills thing anyway

More about our characters:
Chrissy: Phyllis Nefler - Beverly Hills socialite and new leader of Wilderness Girls Troop Beverly Hills

Kristy: Tiffany Honigman - Daughter of a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon

Paige: Jasmine Shakar - Outspoken daughter of a well-known boxer

Holly: Lily Marcigan - Daughter of Dictator Bong Bong and Karina who rule an unspecified Southeast Asian country

Us Underhill gouls love Halloween and are excited to see how this year turns out...but let us never forget this:

Oh, or this:

To get everyone even more hyped up, we leave you with this:

Happy Halloween people!

Forever your girl,