Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hump Day Inspiration:

Doppelganger Week on Facebook

For all of us kids of the Facebook Generation this is a special week...Dopelganger week! The week where, instead of your normal facebook picture, you know, the one of you passed-out on the toilet, you get to put a picture of "the celebrity you most look like". Sound real fun... if you are Megan Fox's twin sister, or Heidi Klums clone. As far as the gentlemen, James Frango-alikes, go nuts!

But this is a slightly less joyous occasion for Holly and I, insofar as, we find ourselves to most resemble....

Joseph Gordon Levitt


Miss Taylor Dayne

We can feel sorry for ourselves all we want, but "Tell it to My Heart" was a HUGE hit in 1995 AND JGL is making a killer come back. Sure, having people come up to you and tell you that you look like the singer of a 90s one-hit wonder isn't great. People telling you that you look JUST LIKE dude, also not that great. But It could always be worse...

For instance, people could come up to you on the street and tell you how they cried at your rendition of that song from Les Miserables...

Or how they can totally identify with how you get no respect...
Or worse yet, they could tell you you look like Charlize Theron... "Oh, when she played that lesbian serial killer.... yeah......"

Things could always be worse, people. So Happy Humpday!

Forever your Girl,

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