Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hey Everyone!

I'm sure you all remember Paige's awesome/sleepy birthday last year, which we tagged as Paige's Faux-Birthday.

Well we are having another faux-birthday for her this year!
If you didn't receive that invite, here it is! Although this doesn't necessarily mean you are invited. I mean, we love people that give us the time of day but...well sure, come over and bring some gin or Lambrusco. So here is the invite:

Hello Ladies!!!!

Our deer friend Paige is will be turning 25 on December 27th!! This obviously needs to be celebrated because halfway to fifty if definitely a milestone. Paige has always said she wanted to spend this day with a bottle of champagne alone under a cozy blanket with a few Ambien samples. Well too bad Paige!
Here is the plan for Paige’s second annual faux birthday:

December 18th
5:00: Paige and I discussed last night ordering Pizza Hut’s Cheesy Bites pizza for dins(we really just want to know how to eat it when all of the cheesy bites are gone). Everyone girlpiles on the couch to watch this:
All girls do their nails and Paige gets to start drinking.
7:00 Various ladies get naked to shower, we may have to do this in groups if we have too many people (this is fine, really). People blow dry their hair and try on various sequined outfits. Concealer and sunless tanner is borrowed, all while listening to catchy upbeat music from the 90’s. Everyone joins in drinking with Paige.
9:00: Humans of the opposite sex arrive and they get to join in drinking. Some cake may be involved.

Some gifts may be involved. Emily signs “Happy Birthday” by herself while being the top of a human pyramid. Applause ensues.
10:30 Shots shots shots shots shots!
11:00ish Paige gets blindfolded
11:09ish Everyone gets in Evelyn brand cars. Chrissy sits in the front of one and demands some Top 40. Christina Aguilera's “Dirty” will probably come on.
11:30 We arrive at the bar and Paige won’t be blindfolded anymore and all is fun and well and we have a great night.

So? What do we think? Yes?
How great will it be to blindfold Paige while she is drunk?!

See you then babies!