Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi Everyone!

As we sit at our offices, halfheartedly answering emails in our casual Friday attire, we can't take our minds off the snow that has recently blanketed our fair city.

The children of New York City, with school being canceled, are outside today, sledding, chucking snowballs at each other, avoiding yellow snow at all costs. Their only care in the world is the notorious chin-that-gets-zippered-into-their-coat ordeal. Although we are jealous of the youth of New York City, with their snow day filled with hot cocoa and matching Granimals snowsuits, we can't help but think that if it were our snowday, it would be only slightly different.

Most normal adults in New York City don't have room to keep last month's W magazine around in their apartments, much less a toboggan. So in lieu of "proper" sledding gear, we would repurpose cookie sheets, garbage bags, and empty our under-the-bed containers of sweaters, and use the large plastic containers as our "sled".

Most functioning, normal adults also don't have matching snowsuits, we don't even own matching "business" suits now that we think about it. We would pile on all of our under-the-bed sweaters, leggings, jeggins, High School Lacrosse team sweatpants, and our much neglected Uggs.

As we do not always behave as functioning, normal adults, we would also bring along some booze. Probably a large Nalgene bottle filled with Goldschlager and Dr. Pepper. Or possibly a half Coke half whiskey combo would be fun. A flask of Georgi anyone? The combinations, like our snow outfitting ideas, are endless.

Yes, we are at work today, but, like we mentioned earlier, we can't help but think of the snow. So tomorrow, we invite you to join us in our Adult Snowday. Put on your under-the-bed sweaters, fill your flasks, and find or steal anything that could be used as a "sled". We hope to meet you all at Fort Greene Park, for drunken sledding.

If not, have fun sitting inside, thinking about what could have been made of such a snowy day.

Forever Your Girls,
Holly and Paige

Where: Fort Greene Park

By Public Transportation: Subways: C to Lafayette, G to Fulton, R,Q, B to DeKalb Avenue, 2, 3,4, 5, D, N to Atlantic Avenue. Buses: B38, B52, B25, B26
When: 1:00pmish, tomorrow, Saturday, February 27th

If you would like to hang out at our place first that's fine, come over as early as your want and prepare to be subjected to Kes$ha, Sophie. B Hawkins greatest hit, and other catchy tunes

Why: Because we can

When: 1ish

Who: Everyone and your mother
Forever Your Girls,

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