Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fashion Week! ... I know, who are we kidding?

Holly and I don't often write about fashion, and thats not because we don't love it, we do, we totally love it. Each month we devour Vogue and W, we love style blogs and get WWD updates on our phones. But we don't often write about fashion because honestly, its kind of intimidating and this isn't a personal style blog, this is a blog where we try to make sense of our lives while simultaneously making fun of ourselves. It would also be a bit awkward to write our real-life "experience" with fashion because they usually involve us debating weather to pay our electric bill or indulge in purple, satin, beaded shorts from Forever 21 for $17.80 ( share!).

That being said, we are coming to the end of the hard-to-ignore Fashion Week here in New York and we can't help but share some of our thoughts with you. Below you'll find each of our three top picks, as in things we felt really dumb fantasizing about because as of right now I LITERALLY have $4.80 in my bank account. The three things we'd like to share... because sharing is caring and whenever one of us buys something its usually a communal purchase anyways. And finally three things we think are funny, because lets face it, sometimes fashion can take itself a bit too seriously. HAPPY FALL 2010, BABIES!


I have most definintely embarassed myself attempting to pronounce Herve Leger before, but I finally have it down, and thank god! Because when I finally make my millions I'll be calling them up personally to size-up this baby for me. Green is my favorite color and unfortch, I couldn't share this with Holly because her mom told her she's not allowed to wear green. Sorry, H.

As Holly mentioned before, in my birthday post, I love to dress like "the women of 'Scarface'". I feel like this slouchy, be-sequined disco number is right up my alley. It is also true that I prefer my clothes just ever so slightly large on me and this Tibi dress looks like it would fit the bill. And gosh, do I love sequins.

Make no mistake, Paige Sullivan Tibbetts is an animal lover. I love to play with animals, save them from the pound, talk about them and pet them. But I'd be a liar if I said I didn't like wearing them. Marc Jacobs is also my dream husband (I know...) so this MJ silver fox fur-trimmed coat- ugh.


My go-to disco sequin one shoulder embellished--necklace-attached crotch length off the shoulder metallic dress. Because every girl needs one of those. Catherine Malandrino.

Sophie Thealet. So I have a dress to wear when my number 1 dress isn't exactly appropriate.

My current Goth Swan Lake princess dress is all worn out and I need a new one.


Shoe Share: One of the greatest things about Holly and my friendship is that we have roughly the same sized feet. Shoes are a a gal's biggest commodity and living together we get a total two-for-one deal. Were not sure if these are shoes or actually just legwarmers but they are dope. Happy to share.
Holly is the world's best coat share-er. Last year she bought a leapoard print coat (that I was originally against) at Forever 21 for, like $18. We've spent the last two years taking turns wearing it. Lets give he lep a break and snuggle into this Betsey Johnson barn-themed number. And lets not ignore that chicken bag... which probably contains a snack... that we would share.

Finally, and this will only work if Holly and I don't marry eachother, but we could totally see both of ourselves walking down the isle in this Rodarte jumper we'd repurpose as a wedding-romper. Minus the camel toe and smug/nauseous facial expression though, yeesh!

I MEAN....

FW Pics that made us chuckle

This is the perfect hat to wear when you are sitting in front of someone you don't like at a movie, play, boxing match and the like.
This is the perfect hat for Pirates and/or people who messed up their mascara right before they left the house and didn't have enough time to fix.

And this is our main man sporting a 'stashe we are against.

Forever your Girl,



  1. Oui that Lep will never get a break...

  2. I'm offended I did not get ONE mention in this entire post.

    Le ugh.