Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eggs, Steak, Men, and Happy Hour

Eggs, steak, men, and Happy Hour. Sounds like an ideal brunch combo, however this list of seemingly dissimilar things have something in common: they are all things that people are particularly picky about, and everyone thinks "their way" is the best. These things are not like the jeans in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” where one pair of flared Levi's fit America Ferrera AND Blake Lively. No!

Magic pants, or just stretchy jeans?

These preferences are tricky and personal. For instance, I won’t touch over-easy eggs, well-done steak, or men that wear hair gel. I also try to avoid a Happy Hour that doesn't reward my patronage with a killer special on well drinks (vodka!). And while it’s easy to turn a gross over-easy egg into yummy scrambled eggs, take a steak off the grill in time, and stay away spiky-haired guidos, finding the perfect Happy Hour is hard.

Obviously, Happy Hour is incredibly important to us. But why? Lets discuss:
-Happy hour is essentially drinking after work, which is when you REALLY want to be drinking- Check. -It (usually) doesn’t go until 4am, which is fine by me because we are getting too old (ie this isn’t college) to party till 4am on a Monday- Check. -It’s usually cheap- Check. -It has the word ‘happy’ in the title- Check. -We live in New York City, literally an endless buffet of Happy Hour destinations- Check.

So, Happy Hour should always be a joyous and dazzling occasion, right? Depends, sometimes there is unrest! Unlike Beyonce or Jill Zarin, Paige and I are not cool enough to have our friends follow us wherever we want to go, sometimes we have to compromise.

Therefore, we've been to Happy Hours with an abundance of hair-gelled patrons, Happy Hours at bars with TVs, Happy Hours with NO PBR (for Paige) and Happy Hours with vodka drinks over $3. We do this for the ones we love, for our friends who love frat boys who love sports. We owe it to our fabulous and patient girlfriends, who have on many occasions, joined us at bars packed with bearded, unemployed, hipster men, men with questionable hygiene and footwear, who love PBR and other cheap drinks, but will never buy you one.

Last night we chose to say "I Love You" to our girlfriends by suggesting Happy Hour at the new dude-packed Brother Jimmy's in Union Square. How did this compromise treat us? Well, despite Paige getting elbowed in the head by a boy wearing a visor who was trying to aggressively hug Kristy, pretty darn well!

Instead of 12oz. cans of PBR, they had 18oz cans. And instead of paying for $8 vodka drinks a sweet natured, pleated khaki-wearing gent named something like "Cory" paid the fee. We got to see our girlfriends, catch up, watch boys hit-on them and enjoy what ended up being free drinks (as long as we drank them from two foot long straws, whatever)! Yay!

So last night was basically “Sisterhood of the Traveling Happy Hour” if you will. You see, sometimes a well-done steak is pink and juicy on the inside, sometimes you meet a guido with a heart of gold (Tony Danza!) and sometimes a fratty Happy Hour at a cheesy BBQ joint in Union Square doesn't even feel like a compromise.

6 girls drinking for free, thanks to men rocking khakis and visors!- Check

These pics were actually taken on TWO different Brother Jimmy's happy hour trips...

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Maturity Index: Bikes, Hammocks and Other Ways You Know Its Warm

This past weekend we rode bikes, made treats, watched an embarrassing amount of The Hills and adults made the mistake of inviting us into their home! Did we behave? Let's see how it all played-out on our scientifically-sound Maturity Index...


-Holly goes to Karl Denson at the Brooklyn Bowl after pre-gaming with tequila she got for free from a deli-Age 22

-Paige, Kristy and Chrissy drink fancily-crafted, pricey cocktails at a chic speak easy in the 'hood- Age 27

-Around 1:30 am, Paige, Kristy and Chrissy walk home, leaning on each-other and commence making powdered mashed potatoes and watching Cruel Intentions on the CW before passing out on the couch (waking up just in time to cry a little bit at the final montage where Reese is driving away while wearing Sebastian's sunglasses and "Bittersweet Symphony" is playing)- Age 19
-Paige wakes up, roasting. Her electric bed, is set all the way to 10 and she is wearing sweatpants and a flannel shirt and, curiously, matching socks while the sun beats through her window. She decides to start her day- Age 42

-Holly has banana walnut bread for breakfast from Bakeri in Williamsburg-Age 52

-Bakeri bread is followed by a bodega banana Popsicle, just before 10am-Age 6

-Paige goes to the West Village to get her bike from Stevens house, while she is there, she puts his ceramic dog statue on his couch and takes a phone pic of their "practice pet" wearing her sunglasses, laughs hysterically, alone- Age 8
-Everyone meets at home and prepares for the first official group bike ride of the summer- Age 24

-Before they can ride, everyone stops at Vanderbilt Bikes to put air in their tires. While doing this, Chrissy accidentally adds too much air to Holly's old-ass tires and the tires literally EXPLODE. Holly lets out a blood curdling scream and Chrissy is temporarily deafened- No age just, really?

-Holly hangs behind to get new tires while the rest of the gang heads towards Red Hook in search of the famous Red Hook Ballfied Taco Vendors- Age 23

-On the way there Paige and Sarah buy $4 bike helmets from a Tony Soprano-alike, who's gnawing on a nasty cigar and staring at Kristys boobs- Age 18
-Meanwhile, Holly is back at Vanderbilt Bikes trying to set a good example by pretending to look at pricey $34 helmets in an attempt to influence a group of well-dressed cyclist children - Age 56

-Paige makes everyone take a detour to the Gowanus Canal where she makes everyone stop and listen to her talk about the history of the canal, and other boring facts- Age 60

-Finally at the Ballfields, tacos are nowhere to be found. The gang contemplates heading to close-by IKEA for some Swedish meatballs and a new slipcover instead.- Age 30

-The gang rides their bikes to Steve's Key Lime Pie Factory and munches on mini-pies while waiting for Holly and her new tires to catch up- Age 13

-When Holly arrives she tries to feed pie crumbs to the fish in a Koi pond- Age 6

-Divulging more fun facts, Paige points out that the Key Lime Pie factory backs-up to The Real World: Brooklyn house. "Yeah the season with the transvestite"- Age 16

-Everyone rides back to Prospect Heights where, because of the earlier taco fake-out, they decide to quench taco cravings by trying out a new place on Vanderbilt Ave. The prawn and chicken tacos are divine, and come with 5 free chips- Age 21
-Sarah wants to flirt with the man behind the cash reregister, but when he comes outside to talk to the girls they notice his braces and the fact that he's "smoking" an electric cigarette... He also calls the girls "Jersey Girls", so they hop on our bikes and ride home, agitated- Age 14

-At home everyone takes turns taking showers, painting nails and watching The Hills marathon- Age 16

-Holly returns from the grocery and liquor stores with supplies to bring "treats" to Shawn's Earth Day Rooftop BBQ- Age 32

-These supplies include:
-Rum- Age 26
-Peach Georgi Vodka- Age 19
-Ingredients for green and blue Rice Krispy treats- Age 9
-(Fancy) Chips and Salsa- Age 23

-Holly and Sarah commence to making an "earthy treat" Paige invented, called "Earthballs". Earthballs happen when you make a blue batch and a green batch of Rice Krispy treats and mash them together into balls that "look like the earth". This is made even better when you place plastic animals on top of them (we always keep plastic animals on-hand at our house for occasions such as this)- Age 10
-Paige looks-on, cocktail in hand, like a disinterested stepmother, as the other girls do the treat crafting -Age 45 (treat crafting involves buttery hands and the chemical prosesses involved with marshmallow goo and food coloring)

-Holly makes her version of "simple syrup" for Mojitos, which involves putting the mint into the water and sugar combo while its on the stove, which no one else thinks is correct. After it is made Holly absentmindedly pours it down the drain because she is distracting herself by chatting and working simultaneously. She has to make it again, when she probably shouldn't have made in the first place- Age 90

-Everyone is finally ready and carries Holly's offerings of Earthballs, rum, chips and $6 salsa, and curiously colored simple syrup to the train. Though it is cold Holly is still wearing a crop top, and Paige is still wearing cut offs- Age 16
-Holly pairs her crop top with her bunny-skin Juicy Couture hoodie- Age 18 (circa 2004)
-Paige pairs her cut-offs with 6 inch wooden clogs- Age 18 (circa 1974)
-Paige is wearing a jacket made of material that will NEVER decompose (polyster and aluminum?) and Holly is wearing real fur and two types of leather, Go Earth Day!-No age, just that we are rarely so off-theme.

-On the roof, everyone enjoys the expertly barbecued food, hot dogs, burgers, black & tan marinated sausages, turkey burgers, "triple dipped wings" and grilled onions. Which is washed-down with fancy artisanal beers-Age 34

-Embarrassed at how many wings they've been eating, Paige, Kristy, Holly and Steven dispense the bones from their wings on Chrissy's plate. Point-out that it looks like Chrissy had around a dozen wings on her own. Make a big deal out of this. Paige tells her that her plate looks like the boneyard from the "Lion King"- Age 14

-After dinner Paige, Holly, Kristy, Chrissy and Sarah form the record-largest girliple on the roof-top hammock, they make Steven climb dangerously high on the adjacent roof to take pictures- Age 13

Soon, its time for desert. Holly and Paige nervously present their Earthballs, topped with toy animals. This offering is overshadowed by a professional-baker guest who has bested them with beautiful and delicious red velvet mini-cupcakes. Holly and Paige console each-other with the fact that their treat was much more on-theme- Age 11

-A light rain begins to fall and the girl group eventually makes its way inside the apartment, they sit on the couch, browse "High Times" and Holly talks about the soccer game on TV, much to everyones chagrin. A plan is devised to head to Spring Lounge down the street- Age 21

-Before leaving, Paige points out that Sarah's shoes look like thespian "stage shoes". Paige and Sarah begin singing New York-themed Showtunes (in their best "1940's voice) and doing jazz hands-Age 67

-At Spring Lounge everyone stands in the middle of the bar, dancing halfheartedly to Tom Petty songs as their meat meal sits heavy in their stomachs- Age 50

-By 11pm everyone decides that the night probably hit its apex of awesomeness in the "Ham(mock) Girlpile" and everyone heads home- Age 24

-Paige and Steven go to brunch at The New French followed by an open house- Age 42

-Holly goes to brunch at Le Gamine and covers her meal with spicy French mustard while trying to get her boyfriend to talk about his Hebrew School experience-Age 24

-Holly, Shawn, Kristy and Chrissy watch more of The Hills marathon and discuss the pros and cons of plastic surgery-Age 19
-At Stevens house Paige watches "The Assassination of Jesse James" and texts Holly about how awesome it is, to which Holly responds "Its awesome, but its scary, it's shitballs scary."- Age 16

-Back in Brooklyn, Holly and Paige sit on the couch and eat Laffy Taffy push-up pops and finish The Hills marathon, watch a really depressing 16 and Pregnant, and go to bed at 10- Age 15

So, guys! Despite all The Hills-watching, treat-eating, and teasing that went on this weekend, our average age was 26.5! Thats the most mature we've ever been, if I'm not mistaken. Let's chalk it up to the open house-attending and the fact that we hung out with some married people at that Barbecue.

Next weekend, we celebrate two birthdays! Paige's employer THE L MAGAZINE turns 7, and throws a boozy bash, followed by beloved FDP gal Emily's belated 24th celebration. Plus our apartment turns youth hostel with 3 extra guests!

Forever your girls,
Paige & Holly

Thursday, April 22, 2010


"I saw the great minds of my generation destroyed by hotness"

You guys, this is so awesome that when I was watching the clips I almost burst into flames. I know, we talk about him too much, but we had to help spread these tidings of good cheer.

It was confirmed today that the ultimate in brain porn is actually going to be available to all. The much buzzed-about Sundance fave "Howl" was picked up by a studio with actual money and will be in theaters in September. With James Franco as Allen Ginsberg and JON HAMM playing is defense lawyer in the trial that took place after the awesomely awesome "HOWL" was published.

Excuse me, my eyes are bleeding.

I'm getting heart palpitations. The Beats, Jon Hamm, James Franco, movies, California in 50's, sticking it to the man?... thats like 6 of my top 10 favorite things. If they could figure out a way to include neon accessories, popsicles, puppies and bike rides in this movie.. then we'd really be in business.

See you in September!

Forever your Girl,


PS- I just googled "James Franco Pillow Case" because I wanted to get Holly a present. I couldn't find one.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Maturity Index

Blindfolded and eating Mustard

The weather was warmer than was predicted, and we had more booze than was predicted. Let’s see how last weekend added up!

-Holly goes home and cuddles with sleepy Chrissy on the couch while reading about Anne Sextons steamy letters to a monk in Sexton’s autobiography and simultaneously watching The Shining-Age 42
-Paige and Sarah come baring gifts of champagne, raspberry vodka, and gifted, grossly syrupy strawberry liquor-Age 21

-Free, gross, berry liquor drinks are made. Everyone except Holly spits them out-Age 14
-Paige squeals with joy when she realizes a brand new Degrassi episode is on, and fills everyone in on what the episode is about as she has obviously been watching the previews for it since last Friday- Age12
-Everyone agrees Degrassi episode about a pervy basketball coach who forces his star player to "do it" with a prostitute named Stacy was “awesomeeeeee”.-Age 13
-Everyone says they are hungry and so we all make another drink-Age 24

-Everyone FINALLY gets motivated and gets their butts to Union Hall to play bocce. -Age 24
-Bocce waitlist is 9 inches long and Paige pouts a little bit, and then falls asleep on Holly’s shoulder-Age 7
-Everyone decides to take a cab home, but instead make a pit stop at the soccer bar Woodworks-Age 24
-Order 2 cans of Modelo, Woodworks Nuts (Paige, “WOOD NUTS!”), and a gruyere grilled cheese-Age 16
-Grilled cheese comes with world’s most delicious pickles. Paige announces this, and the creepy waiter asks Paige (2 inches from her face) if she "wants more of my pickles"- Age 15
-Girls eat pickles, and WOOD NUTS, and grilled cheese and stumble home to bed-Age 21

-Holly wakes up to go to kickboxing class and is polite to the sweating, grunting man in class who has positioned himself within elbow's length -Age 24
-Paige, Sarah, Kristy, and Chrissy enjoy a brunch of, of course, pizza- Age 22
-Holly is in need of “cheesy cappuccino” to drink while walking around Fort Greene. Everyone follows suit stopping at our favorite bodega for delicious cappuccino that comes out a machine-Age 17 (note: delicious beverage DOES NOT contain cheese).
-Holly saw a white dress with see-through cutouts on the way home form gym and makes everyone look at/gawk at dress in Fort Greene urban boutique-Age 16
-Everyone goes in What’s Next? Urban shoe store. Soon, they have to leave because it smells like a port-a-potty and carries threatening tank tops that feature a "7 Deadly Sins" grapic-Age 16

-Everyone gets a manicure-Age 14
-Holly picks out several neon colors for Paige, which Paige is of course contemplates, but shocks everyone by picking an off-white shade named “Walking Down the Aisle”-Age 42
-Paige gets “wedding jitters” and has her manicurist take off the milky white color and replace it with a more appropriate highlighter-yellow shade-Age 12
-Paige and her manicurist swap shopping tips-Age 13
-Paige and Holly hold hands and show off their manicures. Decide their hot purple/yellow nail combo resemble the colors of 90’s basketball team-Age 12, but are making 90’s jokes, so age 24
-The girls go to Target and Holly pouts because no one else wants to buy an electric snow cone machine. Paige complains and pouts about not wanting to spend money on a new hairdryer, even though her old one sounds and smells extremely dangerous-Age 12
-Holly buys Chex Mix (that she opened in the store) and plastic popsicle makers-Age 11
-Paige buys a value pack of Hello Kitty chap-sticks that she shares-Age 11
-Holly goes home to watch the new household copy of New Moon-Age 15
-Holly and Paige meet up in the city later to discuss having an ebay store collaborate on their blog-Age 24
-Holly and Paige share a quick PB&J and then part for the night-Age 14

-Paige, Holly, Chrissy, and Holly’s bf share some homemade brunch and subtly argue over NY Magazine’s Best Neighborhoods in New York, (ie Why does it mean that Greenpoint has the most atheists AND gymgoers?!)-Age 24
-Holly and boyfriend go to the Guggenheim to see the new Haunted exhibit, Holly is disappointed this actually doesn’t involve seeing pictures of poltergeists-Age 14
-Paige and her friend babysit, they take the baby to a playground they get nervous about the baby falling and hurting herself, they return to the baby's house to find themselves locked out. They attempt to take the baby to a bar to "hang out" till the parents get back, and instead end up feeding her pea soup at a cafe and taking funny pictures of the baby covered in green slime- Age 19
-Paige and Holly meet at home later to conduct a much needed Mustard Mystery Test-no age, because this was a little weird even for us

-Holly makes more raspberry liquor raspberry vodka diet lemonade cocktails to cleanse palate while tasting mustard-Age 21
-Holly and Paige go about blindfolding each other, and putting mustard on each other's faces while their boyfriends draw and read quietly nearby-again, no age, just, we are lucky to have each other and people that put up with us
-Bedtime: 10:19pm-Age 17

This weekend we proved to be 19.4, which we understand. When blindfolds and nuts are involved we know things can get a little crazy. Next weekend there’s a funk concert at the Brooklyn Bowl and Earth Day, which means the need to recycle beer cans and Georgi bottles!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

FDP Trend Showcase

Paige and I are notorious for “working”. We write our blog, email each other about our blog, and check Saturday’s Lifetime movie schedule all while getting paid. What we don’t usually mention, is that we look and even obsess over other blogs. We of course love all of New York Magazine’s blogs, Grub street included. We read food blogs (!) and our friends’ blogs. All of these have witty commentary, tell personal and embarassing stories, or fill us in on who Jill Zarin has recently pissed off.

Our favorite, however, are the ever controversially relevant fashion blogs. We envy their shoe collections, shiny hair, homemade ripped nylons, and spectrum of combat boots. Let’s remember here that Paige and I have JOBS and therefore cannot go around wearing shirts that only cover up half our rear ends with some lederhosen. So Paige and I say F#@K IT! We are going to have a little style section on our blog. Sure 85% of our clo
thing will be Forever21, and 0% will be a pair of Alaia platforms, but so are most of the outfits we see strutting through NYC. We will, however, like our beloved favorite fashion bloggers, mock/reinact/give a shot at the fashion bloggers signature poses, facial expressions, props, etc.

Best/Most Used/Rediculous Fashion Blogger pose ever: The Sad-Faced Squat

Our Version. See. We are squatting and looking...sad...

Why take our standard shot of us smiling, hand on hip, in our kitchen, when we could get a shot of the two of us frowning in front of the milk section at the grocery store?

This is one of our fav bloggers wearing fur AND faux felt AND faux blood

Of course, we will show our followers our point of view. For example, had this been our freshman year in college our point of view would be short denim skirts.

Nicely paired here with leggins...

Wohoa! Jean skirt with sheer lace top and JWOWW hoops.

I should probably stop now. But more fun FDP fashion to come!

Forever Your Girl,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hey we just want to give a holler to Brownstoner's Brooklyn Flea blog for hollering at us.

We usually get hollered at while walking by the Bergen Street basketball courts but this is definitely better and entirely different.
Thanks Brooklyn Flea! See you, like, every Saturday.

Forever Your Girls,

Holly and Paige

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Maturity Index Comeback!

-Paige babysits- Age 16
-Holly drinks wine and chats while her boyfriend makes her dinner and then goes to bed early- Age 45

-Paige buys the newspaper and a bagel for Chrissy- Age 32
-Also buys new nail polish "the color of a swimming pool!"- Age 12
-Holly and her boyfriend can’t remember the “artist” that made, “No Sex in he Champagne Room” and need to look it up-Age 24
-Which leads to boyfriend making her watch watch Gallagher videos- Age terrible
-Paige and Chrissy meet Holly at the opening day of the Brooklyn Flea- Age 26
-At Brooklyn Flea They...
-Try on lots of costume jewelry and clip on earrings- Age 10
-Ogle all the delicious-looking food but wont eat any because the line is too long, and foods too expensive- Age 18
-Although Holly makes a stranger show Paige her lobster roll as to justify line length-Age 14
-Instead of buying food, stop at each line-less vendor table and eat handfuls of free samples (vanilla lavender ginger snaps! spicy pickles! horseradish dip!)- Age 65
-Holly purchases a necklace with a secret clock inside, she is happy the clock doesn't work becuase it takes her an embarassingly long time to tell analogue time-Age 8
-Paige purchases a vintage Missoni glitter crop top because "it's very practical"- Age 15
-After the flea market Paige, Holly and Chrissy adjourn to No. 7 restaurant in Fort Greene where they enjoyed a bloody mary and discussed the NY Times article about parents regretting the names they gave their children- Age 35
-They order their second round and then start talking about the names they'd like to name their children (which they will undoubtedly regret). Holly favors retro-torture like Patsy, Betsy, and Dot, where Paige wants mess up her kids by giving her daughters boys names like Charlie and Alexander- Age 14
-Later Paige and Chrissy go for a long bike ride in Prospect Park where they feed the ducks and Paige picks a fight with a small child who she thinks is throwing bred crumbs "too hard" at the swans- Age 9
-Meanwhile Holly goes for a scantily-clad run through the Hasidic neighborhood, and for kicks does stretching in front of young Hasidic men/boys- Age 17
-After their activities the girls all lay on the couch with popcorn and easter-colored DOTS and watch a few episodes of Degrassi (its back!)- Age 12
-A Britney Spears music video showcase come on Fuse which is also showcases trends in video dance sequences and Britney’s weight fluctuation. We are fascinated- Age 13
-The girls take showers, decide they are "kinda over Ke$ha" and listen to "Creep" by TLC on repeat- Age 23

-While in Delaware last weekend Paige procured the "Mini Backpack" Holly has been so desperately coveting for months. Holly wears the backpack and Paige proudly remarks "Its my moms vintage backpack from the '90s"- Age 17
-Paige makes ANOTHER request for Sparx at the local bodega-Age 19
-Paige and Holly use the backpack for what must certainly be its intended purpose, to hold a 40oz PBR and take turns drinking from it while waiting for the A train- Age 20
-Paige, Holly and Chrissy arrive at
a friend of a friend of a friends fancy shmancy apartment on Wall Street where the doormen obvioulsy believes us to be "women of the night"- Age 18
-We are sorta used to this- Age 19
-At the apartment they turn down offers of Makers Mark and other pretentious alcohol and continue to drink their PBR 40- Age 20

-Soon they take a cab to a party at an even NICER apartment (though it didn't have a lobby with marble floors) on the Lower East Side where Chrissy takes charge and helps herself to mixing Holly a tumbler of vodka with a splash of Pepsi- Age 23
-Paige and Holly awkwardly dare eachother to request Miley’s “Party in the USA” from pretentious DJ, Holly finally gives in. Pretentious DJ shakes his head and basically scoffs us-age 15
-About 10 minutes later the DJ plays "Party in the USA" and suddenly the lame party picks up and everyone dances and sings because not-so-secretly EVERYONE loves that song, even if they pretend to like it "ironically". Paige and Holly are victorious and feel like party goddesses- Age 24
-Soon, the booze runs out at the party and the girls change locations, they meet up with some friends at Home Sweet Home, Holly invents a "dirty dance" with the mini backpack straps, girls tease her by asking if she's carrying Lunchables or her spelling homework in there- Age 16 (nope! Just LipSmackers and a RingPop!).
-Everyone quickly becomes sad because all the good-looking boys are making out with each-other and there is throw up in the bathroom, decide to call it a night- Age 25

-Chrissy regales Paige and Holly with tales of a "cheap-ish, all you can drink" brunch in the West Village with fish tacos. It takes little convincing to get them to come- Age 23

-The girls head to brunch where Holly makes the most ambitious bloody mary of all time at the DIY bloody bar. Even the waitress is impressed and takes a picture with her iPhone. Holly feels like Bloody Mary Goddess.- Age 27
-During boozy brunch the girls try not to stare at the couple obviously having a break-up convo behind them, and theorize on the finale of Lost- Age 19
-After brunch the girls buy the Sunday New York Times and read it on Pier 46, gagging at how adorable all the wedding announcements are, and are not-so-secretly jealous- Age 25

-Soon the need for fro-yo is too much to handle so they take a pilgrimage to Phileo Yogurt and have a contest over who's will weigh the most, as usual, Holly wins- Age 11
-Later that night, everyone girlpiles on the couch eating Popsicles, watching Wedding Crashers and waiting for roommate Kristy to return from her Mexican vacation. When she does we group hug, compliment her on her tan and start making plans for the week ahead- Age 24

Last weekend we acted, on average, 20.4 years old. This seems a little high considering both Miley and Brit Brit were pretty prevalent. Next weekend Kristy will again be present in our weekend activities, so cats and non-beer but still alcoholic beverages will be as well.

Forever Your Girls,
Paige and Holly

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Week of March 28th Through April 3rd

Holly and I don’t claim to be experts in anything besides finding a great bargain and figuring out how to go a few months without doing laundry. And though food is something we love, admittedly, we eat more refined sugar than most people over the age of 6. So, we’d never kid ourselves into thinking we are real-deal “foodies”. But, once again prompted by an article we love on, we decided it might be funny to give a glimpse into our eating (and, okay, drinking) habits for one week. I’m kicking-off this new chapter in FDP by taking you through the week where I experienced Passover AND Ballpark fare with plenty of candy thrown in for good measure.
Bon Appetit!

I woke up early with a sore throat and a headache so I went to the fridge and got a carton or orange juice and 6 Vitamin B-12 pills. I drank the orange juice in bed and watched the entire first season of Party Down, you should too.
After that I got up and had about 8 gourmet malt balls Holly’s mom sent us for Easter, I needed fuel for the gym. After the gym I had a grape popsicle while watching Pretty Wild, don’t watch that. Then I took a shower where I ate a cherry popsicle.
Later, I met Liz in the village for drinks. We love the happy hour at The Dove Parlor, really amazing cocktails for $6, I had a grapefruit margarita with cinnamon-infused tequila.
After that Steven took me to dinner at a tiny restaurant in the West Village where you could sit at the counter and watch the chef make all the food, the chef wasn’t even a little nervous, we had carrot ginger soup, he had chicken enchiladas, and I had scallops with creamed potatoes and cauliflower and braised Brussels sprouts. I drank a Stella. On the way home we shared a Chipwitch from a bodega.

At work I had an orange juice and a few cups of green tea. My office has been gifted this huge parcel of amazing green tea that we’ve all been raving about, then we realized it was Kirkland brand (aka CostCo tea) but we all still drink it ravenously.
For lunch I had chicken Udon from the deli downstairs it cost $7.25 but was totally worth it and I saved half of it for a snack for later.
On the way to Passover with Steven's family we had to stop so I can get cough drops and a candy snack. I had gummy bears and Steven had some peanut butter cups.
For Passover we eat a traditional Passover Seder, this is the second time I’ve ever had Seder and it does take some palate-adjusting. We had lots of Matzoth (which is yummy with horseradish), some brisket, a hard boiled egg, bitter herbs, gefilte fish, then, a salad with fennel, and turkey with gravy and fresh fruit for desert. I had four glasses of Kosher wine, too (four glasses are mandatory for the ceremony, for reals!)

I woke up very hungry because I passed on so much gefilte fish, so on my way to work I grabbed a $1 buttered bialy from the bodega under my office. It was divine, I also had some pineapple orange juice because my throat was still super sore. At my desk I had two CostCo teas with honey.
For lunch I had what I like to call a “fancy salad” from the too-expensive gourmet grocery store in DUMBO, Foragers. On my fancy salad I had beets, feta, corn, chicken, pretentious croutons, couscous and olives. That fancy salad cost like $11 and was by far the most expensive thing I’d buy myself all week.
After work Chrissy, Kristy and I wandered through the rain trying to find this new bar in our neighborhood, to no avail. So we went to our old standby, Soda Bar, I had a frankfurter
for $3.25, they are so good there, and they give you a huge pickle and spicy mustard. I had two Blue Moons as well.
After this we went home and I had three grape popsicles while watching Lost.

I still had a sore throat so I had three glasses of orange juice with my vitamins. At work I drank tons of CostCo tea with honey at my desk. For lunch I had miso soup for $1.75, my wallet was still really hurting from the previous days fancy salad. Later in the afternoon Sarah and I went to this amazing candy store in DUMBO, Dewy’s and I got $3.89 worth of sugar-free malt balls, I ate so many at my desk that I had to ask Sarah to hide them from me.
After work I met Liz for celebratory (she’d just quit her job) sushi on Mott street. Originally I was really craving yakatori but the place where we were going was closed that night so we wandered into a slightly-sketchy looking Sushi (and Thai?) place and it was actually delicious. The rainbow rolls totally melted on our mouths. But the edamame was way to salty. I had a tall Sapporo. Sushi total was around $20.
After dinner I went to Steven’s cafĂ©, Ground Support, to hang out with him until he closed. I had two classes of this amazing white wine called Vevi, it tastes the way My Little Ponies smell. I also had a piece of citrus-tinged dark chocolate, my dream desert. I’m not just saying this because he’s my boyfriend, but Ground Suport has the best coffee in New York, I could, and often do, live solely off of his sandwiches and now that he has beer and wine, I see little reason to ever eat or drink anywhere else.

I woke up and had coffee and orange juice with my vitamins. On the way to the subway Steven got a pastry and coffee from up the street and I nibbled some of that.
I had a meeting in midtown so for lunch I met Emily and Holly around Columbus Circle and Holly showed us her favorite mid-town fro-yo spot. I had plain fro-yo with strawberries, rainbow jimies and chocolate chips, it was delicious AND under $4, I was floored.
For the train ride home to Delaware, Steven packed me a snack of my favorite
Ground Support sandwich, "The Veggie" with cauliflower, tomatoes, radicchio, mango pickle aioli, feta cheese and olive oil on a crunchy chewy roll from Tomcat bakery. I usually have this sandwich at least three times a week. I also have one of my first Ground Support Iced Coffees of the spring, so killer.
When I got back to my parents house my mom showed me that she’d stocked-up on all necessary items to make “pretentious” turkey sandwiches that I love, including ripe avocado, manchego cheese and wasabi mayo. I made a half sandwich, then split a bottle of Prosecco with my mom while we watched Real Housewives of New York.

For breakfast I took advantage of all the food my parents have in the house that Holly and I usually refer to as “rich people food”, like yogurt, cereal and fresh fruit, things we never buy in Brooklyn because its “not as good of a value” as Turkey Pepperoni or fudgecicles.
For lunch I made a sandwich with all the gear my mom procured for me, I also had an apple with peanut butter on it, and I shared that with our dog, Chessie.
My family, Emily’s family and several other family friends went to Philly for a baseball game. My brother Will, and I sat in our families seats while everyone else went to a birthday
party in a box. Will did an awesome job showing me the ins and outs of eating/drinking in a ball park. First we had to find Budweiser that was at a specific temperature, never over 25 degrees (Doug Tibbetts law). We found Bud Heavy aluminum bottles at 22 degrees, score! Will had a cheese steak and I had a hot dog. Later we had more beer and then we got soft serve with sprinkles (not jimmies!) in Phillies souvenir caps (that would later go on Chessie’s head). Eventually we joined our fam in the box and I had a ton of peanuts.

Shamefully, I slept till 11 so I had a breakfast/lunch combo (different than brunch) that included a bagel of questionable flavor (spicy cheese?) and an apple and some yogurt and tea.
I laid around and read and ate grapes most of the day, drank a lot of water and Emergen-C because I STILL felt sick.
For dinner I made my “famous cold cucumber soup”, which everyone politely ate
and pretended to be really into. My mom made rosemary-roasted potatoes, and a Greek salad and my dad grilled hamburgers, Will and I put mayo on our burgers like a couple of Canuks. I drank Pino Grigio from my parents wine rack, I’m guessing probably cost more than my normal $4 bottle from Trader Joes.
After dinner we met our family friends at a sports bar and thankfully everyone else was hooked on the basketball game and no one noticed how many Bud Lights I drank, I also ate some of Emily’s soft pretzel sticks she ordered.

So over the past week I feel I’ve done a pretty good job of spanning several cultures of food, from Jewish, to Waspy, sketchy-Japanese, to Philly, my appetite knows no bounds. But after assessing all of the things I chose to ravenously force into my body over the past seven days, some things are certain, I love candy, popsicles and mooching. Holly will hit you with her FDP Food Journal soon, be ready for lots of Splenda and something we call "stink beans".

Forever your girl,

Monday, April 5, 2010

We know, We're Sorry


We know its been a while, and you've been deprived of the Maturity Index. You may be thinking that Holly and my maturity has dipped below the age of about 6 and we are no longer able to type or use a computer. This is not the case. You know how Gossip Girl goes on a random hiatus between Thanksgiving and Spring Break? Well, consider this our hiatus, and its almost over!

After a few weekends on the road, visiting our families, or just being boring and not doing anything worth writing about, Holly and I will be back next Monday with a new maturity index that will undoubtedly be celebrating spring, our bikes (The Royale and The Crimson Wave), and the fact that were back on a popsicle-exclusive diet.

To prove that we love you forever and have been thinking about you, please enjoy THIS, a live video of Phil Colins' smash hit "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven"

Forever your girl,