Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inexplicable Obsessions:

The History of the Crop Top
Starring Rose McGowen in "The Devil of the Flesh", of course.

Note: we understand this is in Portuguese but that just makes it cooler and you get the point

Last weekend Paige and I got a spring teaser, with sunny low 50's weather that allowed us to eat bucket-sized proportions of FroYo while sitting outside. We waltzed around the West Village without hats or gloves or winter coats or breath you could see. All this nice-ish weather makes us long equally for bike rides to Brighton beach, eating frozen everything, and the the nice dreams we have when a large fan is involved.
However there is one warm weather thing that takes the cake: Crop Tops.

We have been buying crop tops since December, sometimes wearing them under our matching J.Crew cardigans or just wearing them around the house to stop us from going for a second helping of Chrissy's famous triple cheese risotto. Soon, we will be wearing our crop tops, complete with pasty midriff's, out and about in public, and we cannot wait.

We feel the root of our obsession is totally obvious if you have seen "The Devil in the Flesh", but that is just us so we feel we need to go further to explain this inexplicable obession. To help our mothers, priests, and local strangers understand more about crop tops, we will so gladly give you the history.

crop tops for work

The crop top was originated off the football jersey, so for men. These men, of course, started wearing them as part of their regular outfits (like how cheerleaders in movies wear their uniforms around school but if that ever happened in a real high school people would think it was Halloween). So the 1990's come and women decide they can wear crop tops too. And then, like pants, crop tops became the norm even as evening wear. The rest is just history. See below.

90's Crop Tops at a red carpet event...

This history lesson is courtesy of Wikipedia, which also gives a crop top tip, and I quote, "An already short cropped top can be bunched upward to expose more mid-section and then tucked below the bust line". Wohoa! We will have to try that one after getting the stomach flu.

Drew likes to wear her crop to show her cool tattoo that is probably of a fairy or similar

metallic crop tops...I definitely had this single, and although the crops are great, all I see are lips

Crops are for kids

This Inexplicable Obsession is basically to show you how cool crops are and to urge you to get a few so our midriffs won't feel so alone this summer. *BONUS* crop means less material which means it's usually cheaper than your average noncropped top. So you can spend more on practical things like this.

This Inexplicable Obsession is also to urge you to go out an watch "Devil in the Flesh" so we can have something else to chat about with our family and friends and strangers we may meet who have read this post.

Forever Your Girl,



  1. I'd like to note that, though you can't tell unless you speak Portuguese, Rose is wearing that outfit to help her male TEACHER do a garage sale...

  2. didn't the pink power ranger wear a crop top at one point