Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hump Day:

Happy St. Patrick's Hump Day
To most, St. Patty's day is having a Lucky Charmed breakfast, wearing a kelly green anything, and getting as drunk as Paige and I do on a Wednesday. Sure, "everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day", but no one really believes that. Paige is a Sullivan and I am a McManus, so one would think we would would be super-into St. Patrick's day, pounding Jameson, dressed in full leprechaun garb while dancing around on swords and wearing curly wigs. But we don't necessarily save this type of celebrating for one day a year.

Paige and I are constantly speaking in funny voices, we dance sporadically everywhere we go, we have friendly-ish knife fights (similar to Sword Dancing?), and we would both wear curly wigs if we could afford them.

But this St. Patrick's Day has, so far, gone largely unrecognized.

I woke up with a headache that I complained about and Paige woke up and went to the gym (the opposite of eating Lucky Charms). We had a decent text message argument on weather or not Atlantic City would be a safe place for me to be on my 25th Birthday (as I spent my 24th being dangerous and harmful to others). So we spent a good majority of St. Pat's looking at pictures of the pool at Harrah's Atlantic City. We also talked on the phone about how annoying all the drunk wannabe-Irish high school kids are that are wandering around Midtown post-St. Patty's day parade. (Some of these kids, are even wearing those huge cat-in-the- hat hats, in green, that were maybe "cool" for 30 seconds after Clueless came out)

Don't get us wrong, we are going to a free booze St. Paty's partay tonight. However, we would go to any "free booze" party, even if it were celebrating Bristol Palin.

St. Patty's Day pimp hats

What we mean, besides Happy St. Patrick's Day, is that us Irish girls celebrate St. Patty's day all year round and encourage other's to do the same. The Irish are known as people with "big personalities", as in the "Irish are big drinkers", the "Irish are always late", and apparently the Irish wear curly wigs and dance with swords.

So this weekend, when everyone else is wearing black and drinking Bud Light and not even thinking about swords, there is a good chance that Paige and myself will be taking shots of Jameson, dancing, and having a faux knife-fight.

Friendly knife-fighting
Again, Happy St. Patrick's Day

Forever Your Irish Girls that Have Eyes that are Smiling,

Holly and Paige

P.S. in looking for Sword Dancing, I figured out that it's Scottish, but is inspired by Irish music. So there.

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