Friday, November 20, 2009


So it's Friday, there was no "Hump Day" post this week, and no other mid-week inspiration appeared on our precious blog. Nothing we thought of seemed super awesome, so I needed to find something more inspiring than and the "New Moon" frenzy, so I called my kid sister, Marena.

Here are a few things you should know about Marena: she is in nursing school in Lincoln, NE, she has the world's greatest head of hair, and at family get-togethers such as Christenings, Easter brunches, weddings, and funerals, she can be found with with a beer in hand. Growing up my mother would say that if we fell on hard times, we could put Marena on a soap box with a hat in front of her, have her tell jokes, and we would all thrive from my humorous prodigy sibling. So not only could Marena run faster, jump higher, and was noticeably kinder to animals, she was also funnier. But it's not like I'm bitter or anything.

Marena is the genius behind the idea of wearing out a fanny pack to bars to better-facilitate double-fisting. This is no joke. Marena has been tagged in many Facebook pictures wearing her red Nebraska hoodies, aviators, a fannypack, and 2 beers, whilst posing in a campy-like manner.
So today I called Marena in hopes of some Natty-Ice fueled genius:
Marena answers the phone. Sorta. It's more like, "Ugghhhloo".
"Oh, sorry Rena, you sleeping?"
"What do you want?"
"No, nothing, I will call you back."
"Holly, come watch Erin Brokovitch with me under two blankets and a Snuggie and bring Jason Schwartzman." (note: to Marena's defense, last night she was drunk texting some guy and then FB stalked him later to see the gut-wrenching away status, "I got into Med school!").
"Holls. I made a PLD last night."
"A what? You made a potty? How so? Out of paper mache perhaps?"
"No. A PLD."
"I don't get it."
"A Poor Life Decision. A PLD. I got drunk and ate a taco two blocks away from where I was drinking."
"Alone? Just one taco? Are you sure it was two blocks?"
"No I wasn't alone I was with my friends, you dumbass."

This made me think. Yes, THIS CONVERSATION stimulated thinking.

The world has been graced with, thanks to textin' tweens and Blair Waldorf, the oft used acronyms OMG, and the more scandalous, OMFG. There if FML, and my favorite to say to Paige, FYL (Y is for "your", obvi). But PLD is catchy, non-offensive shorthand and Nebraska should be proud to have it.

In thinking about this new acronym I can't help but reminisce all of the PLD's I have made, oh and I'm sure Paige has a PLD or two or two thousand as well (both of our most recent birthday, er, celebrations come to mind).

Paige was so kind as to pick out a few pictures that demonstrate some of our greatest PLD moments. In our defense, most of these were taken when we were barely legal, and therefore please try and forgive legwarmers, ponchos, lapsitting on strange boys/men, etc.

Paige wore a poncho to her high school grad party. PLD.
This is a particularly PLD because there was a lot of "life" involved. As in, this man was old. And in a fedora. PLD
This is almost okay because I happen to be wearing a taupe-colored loose-fitting sweater. Still, swinging on poles, usually a PLD.
I would like to say that I wore this because I was on the way to an 80's party. But it's probably not. And my and Anna's room is a mess. PLD
Sitting on the intersection of 4th St. and 6th Ave. after leaving your fake ID at the bar. PLD.
Lets see, flared jeans and gold kitten heels are usually a PLD on their own, but when you start swinging upside down on the handrails of a moving vehicle, you are really taking it to another level.

Let's not forget that PLD's could happen to anyone. Look at Bill Clinton, or the previous President of the Selena Fan Club. Politicians, house wives, bankers and priests, everyone is entitled to their fair share of PLD's.

Who knows, maybe I will get "overserved" at the adult-like birthday party I'm set to attend tomorrow and fall asleep in a strange room and wake up confused. Or maybe paige Paige will wrestle at a bar again or throw up in a potted plant. Whatever may happen, we are about as far from perfect decision-making skills as we are close in this picture, which is very:

Marena, thanks for your inspiring words this morning (even though I had to hang up on you because as soon as you mentioned magical drinking boots that had anchor-shaped button I knew it was time to say goodbye).

Have a great weekend friends and our Moms!

Forever Your Girl,


  1. Thank you for a beautiful FDP entry reflecting on my life. I hope I inspired many people and saved some animals on Sarah McLachlan's commericals that ppl change the channel too whenever they come on.

  2. OMG the drunk trolley from chestertown MD made the blog... i am so proud