Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today is a big day, politically speaking, as everyone is buzzing about yesterday's elections. So it only seems fitting to have a political theme today. We could definitely do a Hump Day post about the losers of last night. That would be the most appropriate. However that would require some semi-tedious reading up of politics that we just aren't in the mood to do today. We would rather read about more groundbreaking stories. Such as how Natalie Portman isn't opposed to plastic surgery. Or that Kim Kardashian has a black eye. Or did you know Rihanna is quoted as saying her relationship with Chris Brown seemed "dangerous". Ya think? Besides, I'll have CNN on while ellipticizing at the gym later because it's all too embarrassing to be watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion at the gym when sweaty men are wandering around. It just isn't right. Even if these Park Slope "men" are hipsters trying to fit into their skinny jeans while wearing their less skinny jeans or Hasidic Jews that are usually just stretching while miraculously (all that praying must be paying off) keeping their cute little caps on.

So in order to avoid reading political articles yet stay patriotic (well we are always sorta patriotic as Party in the U.S.A is usually whistled on my way to the copy machine) we are going to focus our attention today on George Washington.

Alright alright alright. We really have just been dying for everyone we know to see and appreciate this video. See, Paige and I have been obsessed with this and it is kinda the vortex of our friendship. We don't know many other people that appreciate the genius of this video and we are therefore constantly with eachother, laughing, repeating lines, holding hands, one-upping each other on lyrics, staring into each other's eyes, and reminiscing about the greatness of this video. As far as favorite videos go, we could have put up Paula Abdul's Opposites Attract, or anything by Jon LaJoie, but this one is the very best. Please, watch this and just think about how glad you are to not be Bill Thompson, if that is at all possible which it probably isn't. But Bill Thompson, if you are reading this (which would be awesome) this is for you, in a weird way. Mwah!

How great! So Divine! So please, feel better about making it through the rest of the week, and for godsakes feel better about being an American thanks to this video and all of the people involved including the British children.

Also, Happy Birthday to Ralph Maccio!

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