Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Recap: The Maturity Index

Hey-yo this is the first of what will be a weekly post on the weekend happenings. Last weekend was fabulously foggy, but let's drudge up what we can shall we?

I started our Friday at Stone Street to meet up with some friends from my days as a camp counselor in Minnesota. Kristy, Minnesota chums, and I all met up with Paige later at a Belgian Bar type deal and then gave my friends a place to crash that night. This night was filled with Minnesota accents FYI:

-Meeting up with old friends, making an effort to keep in touch with people: Age 29

-Calling an ex-boyfriend that was mutual friend and asking him how jealous he's not the one I am hanging out with: Age 16

-Trying a new brew! Delirium beer so good!: Age 23

-This beer is 10% booze: Age 21

-Beer is served in glass, highly breakable mugs that are not meant for children so...: Age 21

-Put breakable mugs in bag and steal them because they have pink elephants all over cute!: Age 9

Saturday was kinda weird, and it kept getting weirder. Well we really embraced the rainy weather, that meant no Degrassi, no Lifetime movies, we got out and really did something. So here it goes:

Went running AND to kickboxing: Age 25

Had oatmeal for breakfast: Age 65

Went to the store and purchased organic tomato juice: Age 47

  Used this organic purchase to make bloody mary's: Age 29

  With $14.00 (Georgi) vodka: Age 20

At around noon: Age...err...this has been happening more and more often so 24

Wore LBD: Age 30

  with wellies and a plastic pink barrette: Age 4

Went to trendy music hall venue: Age 23

  at 4pm on a Saturday, and played with kittens instead of listening to music:Age 6

  kept dropping tender kittens: age 4

talked excitedly with Kristy and Paige and crush about adopting kittens (we had our eye on a mischievous calico): age 9

  use term "crush": age 12

Sat on crush's lap, and willingly shared my Hoegaarden draft: Age 25

  To crush's annoyance, Paige took about 30+ pics of such a momentous bonding experience: Age 13

  Camera that was used to take these "adorable" pictures with is pink and shiny: Age 14

  Camera's nickname is "Candy Cam!" (exclamation included, always): Age 3

Did Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance in backseat of "the Metro" with Kristy and Paige in front of crush: Age 20

  All three of us knew the dance, all of the chorus, but trailed off after the lyrics, "up in the club..." of the first verse: Age 18

Hung out at rooftop get-together, being sociable and taking spontaneous bathroom breaks with Paige in tow: Age 19

Took pictures making funny faces in the bathroom: Age 15

Called Paige's boyfriend with Paige to let him know she was coming over: Age 26

Screamed "no!", "liar!", "you are lying!" when he told us it was only 7:30pm: Age 20

Had pizza dinner: Age 21

  Paige snuck off to have a secret slice later on: Age 23

This was slightly after she broke her (Stevens old) phone (what happened to it! well at least the phone was already missing the battery cover): Age 24 (we are making this 24 because this is something I, being 24, have done almost as frequently)

Hugged Paige at end of the night telling her everything was going to be okay: Age 32

  This went down in front of our favorite Pinkberry which we both found important to take note of: Age 15

Told crush my nail color was called "Twilight": Age 14

  Was shocked (!) when crush had not seen this teenage vampire flick and urged him to see it sometime: Age 14

Had drama queen moment in wellies and dress and barrette pouting about God Knows What right before bed time: Age 7

All in all this weekend was more mature than we thought. Our average age comes to 20 on the dot. The oatmeal really helped, and that damned pink barrette is, thank god, now gone forever, yet is basically immortalized in the "adorable" pictures seen here. Next weekend will be Paige's High School five year reunion. Attending a class reunion already deserves some maturity points, but god knows if Paige is going to be going to a class reunion she will be having something that resembles more of a tequila sunrise than a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.

***NOTE: We realize that indeed Sunday is part of the weekend, we just had a such an adventurous Sunday though that we are giving Sunday, October 4Th its very own post. Just so ya know...

Very Truly Yours,


Party Metro.
This sorta sums it all up.
This picture is fuzzy, and so is symbolic of this great Saturday.

Poor kid.


  1. Just "Lol'd" a few times at my have no idea how much this makes my day that much better. Loved the reunion shoutout...don't worry Hol, I'll document it all because I'm sure Paige won't be able to function a camera by the end of the night.

  2. Who is that ADORABLE boy? Paige... phone challenged...? Not possible!!
    When will we hear about Sunday?? Can't wait!