Friday, October 23, 2009

Our First Post About Fatal Animal Attacks

A few days ago, after much heated discussion (emailing at "work") about Halloween and all things related (there are many) we decided we need to recognize the effort we put into this particular holiday.

Similar to favorite Christian holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, this non-denominational holiday has a number of components involved leading up to October 31st. Right? What would Halloween be without a night of pumpkin carving and rum drinking (knife safety at its best, obviously). Or without hours upon hours of awkward, slightly coercive emails making suggestions (threats?) about what we will and will not dress up as. So we decided, much like the 12 days of Christmas, that we would create a nice little Halloween countdown.

I procrastinated (okay, procrastinating doing blog writing on top of procrastinating"working" is pretty serious...) and decided if I was going to double procrastinate I should at least be on CNN instead of looking at fashiontoast or something. So I procrastinated (third times a charm) reading articles about Afghanistan and instead immediately clicked on "Ice Skating Bear Kills Russian Circus Hand". Who wouldn't? The irony!
So instead of a festive Halloween countdown, I think we need to pay tribute to this hell of a story, as well as the events that followed.

Please click on the CNN link and read this. It's a little graphic, a little sad, and also helps explain why the Russians put so many poor monkeys on the moon.

After reading this article I immediately emailed to Paige, asking her if she thought it was weird that this story made me think of her immediately.

This is how Paige replied:

hell no that's not weird, of course i love that. here are some pictures of skating bears and other things i love

This is pretty great. But wait it get's better:

Email from Paige:

what do you think the demographic is for people who google "Unicorn City"?

This a good question. I suppose if you were to average out the age's, Paige's ripe 23 would up the average...although dare we include the ages of Dungeons and Dragons fans?
And then this came into my work inbox from Paige's work outbox:

To which I replied:

How badly do you want to be that man? You would have it all. A patriotic unicorn lover, a great tan, AND an authentic-looking pina colada...

About 12 emails later we moved on from rebellious skating bears and pictures of what is probably a man/unicorn honeymoon. Quite the frisky Friday. And it's just the start of the weekend.

We want to wish everyone a great weekend-before-Halloween-weekend. Watch the spiked cider while pumpkin carving. Call us if you find It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on television this week. May your costume searching, face paint practicing, and re-buying-Halloween-candy-because-you-already-ate-the-KitKats-for-trick-or-treaters be filled with warmth and joy.

P.S. Please, send us tips about other fatal animal attacks so we can all find out.

P.S. Our roommate Kristy just informed me via BBM that she is watching Aquamarine starring JoJo. We had to include the link to the trailer.

Forever Your Girl,



  1. jojo AND the girl who'salso in the lifetime movie the party never stops...if only i wasnt still soo hungover, my life would be complete!

  2. one more thing, as if I havent reached a new loser low, jojo tots has forhead acne and I put marshmallows in my yogurt and it was delish! They were also the last two edible items in the house, love!