Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Paige and Holly's Countdown to Atlantic City

As my mother would say, “It’s good to have things in life to look forward to”. Well yeah.

Could anyone forget the raging success of TGIF (the restaurant and the phrase and the two hour television block featuring Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Moesha, Full House and Sister, Sister)? Or those little Y2K clocks? Or the digital clocks counting down to the end of Bush's presidency? The 12 days of Christmas? 8 nights of Hanukkah? All of these are tools used in getting people hyped up for something great.

Well Paige and I have lots of things coming up that we're looking forward to:
This Friday, this Saturday afternoon, Saturday night...oh, and Atlantic City June 5th.

Besides booking one room at Harrah’s AC (for about 8 girls to share) and wondering how this night-club-that’s-in-the-pool-is-going-to-work-because-does-that-mean-you-wear-your-stringy-bikini-to-a-bar?

This is for realsies the pool club disco bikini bar we are going to

We really haven’t done much planning.

So we’ll start now, here’s the countdown/checklist/to do/get this shiz done list in anticipation of our Atlantic City trip, our TGIACTB (Thank God It’s Atlantic City Time Biotch).

10.Purchase enough stringy bikinis that can be worn to the swim up bar AND the nightclub bar
9. Figure out how this nightclub bar pool deal works
8. Deciding whether or not one can wade instead of swim to the swim-up bar. (Swimming + Tequila afternoon = Danger)
7. Determine kind of booze we will be sneaking onto train/hotel/possible into pool nightclub bikini disco.
6. Buy train tickets
5. Watch as much of The Real Housewives of New Jersey to pick up current swimwear trends, slang, club wear (bikinis?), etc. Oh, this includes some faux Jersey tats!

Tats on backs!

4. Go to Costco or similar bulk food emporium to stock up on snacks because "I'm not spending a DIME once we get there."
3. Put together an ultimate AC playlist with an appropriate balance between Jersey's own Bruce Springstein, and you know, Ke$ha and such.
2. Start "recycling" water bottles that will house our "sneaky booze" as we wander around the hotel and nightclubpoolbardiscoteque.
1. Learn to play cards (Go Fish!, Old Maid, and War don't count) so we can respectfully win cash$$$ in the casino.

We will keep you updated with how our countdown is going and feel free to comment on what else we should probably add to our check list.

Remember when these ladies tried their luck in A.C?

Forever Your Girl,


The kind of pictures you can expect us to be looking at on my 25th birthday, June 6th. Note the blur.


  1. Tips for AC my home away from home:

    Always take the Jittney.. there are parts of AC where you will die if you go there.

    There is now good shopping at the outlet stores they just built near the Trump.

    The boardwalk is awesome if you want to buy random drugs from homeless guys at 3AM.. other wise stay off the boardwalk at 3AM

    Always play the penny slots.. your money will last longer and you won't go home crying.

  2. Thanks Melissa!
    I love outlets and pennies and tips!
    Will you be there June 5th maybe?