Wednesday, May 26, 2010


are you kidding??

Forever 21 Apocalypse

Paige and myself have some nice things. We each own a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, we each own remarkably good fake Chanel bags, have matching pairs of Jeffrey Campbell's made entirely of wood, Paige has a Ralph Lauren prom dress and I own a thrifted St. John skirt suit. But honestly that’s about as luxurious as it gets between the two of us. So it’s really no secret that the majority of our clothing comes from the one and only Forever 21. Why pay $199 for a pair of jeans when you could pay $9? Or why pay $25 for a t-shirt when you could pay $2.50? Why pay $2750 for an evening gown when you could pay $27.50? Seriously, the list goes on.

Forever 20-rug

And we really don’t need nor deserve nice things. I am constantly spilling everything from mustard to merlot on my clothes, while Paige’s favorite clothing items literally serve as an area rug for the floor of her room.

Forever 21 across the board, well, except for Kate but she's our classy British friend

So when the mustard stain won’t come out or Paige is in no shape to do laundry, she and I and all of our cash-strapped friends stop by Forever 21 for a new $33.00 wardrobe.

That, as Paige pointed out this morning, is slowly starting to change.

It's fun trying hats at Forever21 and pretending to mourn something!

Skirts that used to run for $11.50 are now $17.00 while we both figure their prom dress 2010 collection (that we buy and wear) has gone up at least 20% this year. What gives?!
So this hump day goes out to Paige, myself, our friends, girls who like cheap leopard print sweater dresses, 14-year olds, and every other woman/tween that relies on Forever 21 to get an affordable shopping fix.

FDP Harajuku style

We understand your frustration with not wanting to pay $5 more than you’re used to for a basically disposable night-on-the-town dress. What’s next? Having to pay for underwear that costs more than $3? Shoes for more than $19.80? We won’t stand for it.

We advise all of you frugal fashionistas to choose your items wisely this Memorial Day weekend, happy Hump Day.

We'll leave you with this killer Haul Video that features Forever 21 and lots of tween vernacular. This girl is kinda great, and how badly do you want a closer look at her bracelet collection? And if her career as a "Haul" girl goes belly up we seriously think she could make it in perfect eyelining.

Forever Your Girl,


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