Monday, April 5, 2010

We know, We're Sorry


We know its been a while, and you've been deprived of the Maturity Index. You may be thinking that Holly and my maturity has dipped below the age of about 6 and we are no longer able to type or use a computer. This is not the case. You know how Gossip Girl goes on a random hiatus between Thanksgiving and Spring Break? Well, consider this our hiatus, and its almost over!

After a few weekends on the road, visiting our families, or just being boring and not doing anything worth writing about, Holly and I will be back next Monday with a new maturity index that will undoubtedly be celebrating spring, our bikes (The Royale and The Crimson Wave), and the fact that were back on a popsicle-exclusive diet.

To prove that we love you forever and have been thinking about you, please enjoy THIS, a live video of Phil Colins' smash hit "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven"

Forever your girl,

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