Thursday, April 15, 2010

FDP Trend Showcase

Paige and I are notorious for “working”. We write our blog, email each other about our blog, and check Saturday’s Lifetime movie schedule all while getting paid. What we don’t usually mention, is that we look and even obsess over other blogs. We of course love all of New York Magazine’s blogs, Grub street included. We read food blogs (!) and our friends’ blogs. All of these have witty commentary, tell personal and embarassing stories, or fill us in on who Jill Zarin has recently pissed off.

Our favorite, however, are the ever controversially relevant fashion blogs. We envy their shoe collections, shiny hair, homemade ripped nylons, and spectrum of combat boots. Let’s remember here that Paige and I have JOBS and therefore cannot go around wearing shirts that only cover up half our rear ends with some lederhosen. So Paige and I say F#@K IT! We are going to have a little style section on our blog. Sure 85% of our clo
thing will be Forever21, and 0% will be a pair of Alaia platforms, but so are most of the outfits we see strutting through NYC. We will, however, like our beloved favorite fashion bloggers, mock/reinact/give a shot at the fashion bloggers signature poses, facial expressions, props, etc.

Best/Most Used/Rediculous Fashion Blogger pose ever: The Sad-Faced Squat

Our Version. See. We are squatting and looking...sad...

Why take our standard shot of us smiling, hand on hip, in our kitchen, when we could get a shot of the two of us frowning in front of the milk section at the grocery store?

This is one of our fav bloggers wearing fur AND faux felt AND faux blood

Of course, we will show our followers our point of view. For example, had this been our freshman year in college our point of view would be short denim skirts.

Nicely paired here with leggins...

Wohoa! Jean skirt with sheer lace top and JWOWW hoops.

I should probably stop now. But more fun FDP fashion to come!

Forever Your Girl,

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