Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inexplicable Obsessions:

Paige and I began our obsession/crush on Anne Heche when she first appeared in a in the critically acclaimed (if you consider us critics) Lifetime movie (what else?) Fatal Desire. This is loosely based on a true story which makes it even better. Also her love interest has a femme-face and Anne likes girls so that makes it the best.

Please have fun reading our 5 Facts You Always (actually, probably never) wanted to know about Anne Heche. Enjoy!

1. Anne Heche got herpes from her dad in high school

2. Anne Heche's first big role was playing both roles of evil twins, cleverly named Vicky and Marley
3. Anne Hecke dated Steve Martin for 2 years. (please keep in mind Anne Heche is gay)

(yes, we know this isn't Steve. Duh)
4.In August 2000, Heche knocked on the door of a home in Fresno, California. Dazed and scantily clad, Heche said her SUV had broken down, asked to take a shower, and then made herself at home. When the police arrived a short time later, Heche, who had publicly announced the end of her headline-grabbing three-year relationship with DeGeneres the day before, declared she was God and would take everyone back to heaven in her spaceship.

5. Anne Heche starred in the hit(ish) TV show Men In Trees, which took place in alaska and Paige used to date an alaskan who made her watch it

We tried to find something funny of Anne Heche wearing a spacesuit or something but could not.

We hope you all luuurvvee Anne Heche as much as we do now.

Forever Your Girl,



  1. -what kind of shampoo does she use?
    -does she ever miss ellen?
    -who is her dialect coach?
    -when was the moment she knew she wasnt gay?
    -when did she start experamenting with hats?
    -who was the best actor she ever kissed?
    -what was it like kissing that womanly man in that lifetime movie we love?
    -do people get nervous since she has herpes?
    -would she ever consider adopting a 23 year old?
    -what was her most challenging role?

  2. I love me some Anne Heche. Herpes free, preferably.