Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Paige!

Today may or may not be the birthday of Paige Sullivan Tibbetts, but who really cares? Not too dissimilar from the movie Bride Wars (which, remarkably, I never saw) Paige has always had a rough time squandering care and presents for her birthday because she was competing with Baby Jesus. And since Jesus, being a savior and also the holy spirit and all, is quite the competitor, we decided to throw Paige an early birthday.

To honor Paige and her day of birth, we want to share with you all a little personal information about Paige, whether she likes it or not.

What she is naming her first born regardless of sex: Charlie
Favorite Color: Gray and neon
Favorite drink: Gin, vodka, cheap champagne, Bud Heavy, whiskey, sometimes tequila, those extra large bottles of wine, PBR, and will drink whatever happens to be free or cheap and easy
Food dislikes: Pancakes, raisins
Food that makes her mind say "wow": Mustard, oyesters, lobster, Gobstoppers, and anything I put into her mouth (because it's me doing it, not because of the food)
Paige's outfits are inspired by (according to me): Taylor Dane, the ladies of Scarface, Richard Tyler, Gwen, and the person she didn't think she was when wanting platform Doc Martens

Other sporadical Paige facts: she has 2 laptops, she can wear interestingly textured bras under anything and make it look okay, she has a positive feeling towards ponchos, and has surprisingly impressive back flexibility. favorite neon and glitter girl! I hope this birthday feels better then the last and all your dreams come true, and I am deeply sorry that u have to share your birthday with someone holy...they are the hardest to compete with. A little 24 year old advice...I'm pretty sure that this is your last birthday before people start telling you that u need to get married and have babies and use your this is the year to fully enjoy your life without guilt! Party like its the expensive shoes (I'm pretty sure we can eat and pay rent when we are like 30)...let your parents pay for things, this is your year! Oh and best of all, we will be by your side the entire journey! All my love, Kristy

Celebrate! Birthdays are happy smiley! It makes me a bit sad to think that I am now, once again, the youngest resident of Underhill. However, I am constantly reminded, whether it is by your maturity index or something else, that age is just a number. But while many may fear the getting older, I think you should embrace all that you’ve done and become in your 24 years. You’re incredible- let’s celebrate that!I’m so humbled by our friendship- to think that 5.5 (five point five!) years ago, on that fateful night of college orientation when we first met, we would end up here today! There is nothing I love more than drinking Andre out of glasses that cost 3 times what the bottle of wine did, browsing over for completely inappropriate, yet tear-inducing literal translations from my motherland Asia, and sleeping in the fantasy suite (because the slave quarters tend to get too hot).
Times like these remind me that I’m so glad I didn’t skin you on Halloween and wear your fur. Although it would have been great for you to keep me warm on these frigid winter days, I would so much rather have your beating heart sitting next to me on the couch, eating some Thai, laughing at the amazing line-up of Thursday night TV, with your shoulder there for me to fall asleep on. What gives!
Happy 24th to my girl- I love you like my own sister,

I love going to bed with you, waking up with you, talking with you, talking about you, and watching reality television with you. You are a wonderful friend, roommate, co-author, and are basically my sister and are wonderful in that respect as well.
I will tell you how I really feel tonight when we have toasted another year of your lovely life, and consumed some of your favorite Italian bubbly.
You deserve anything amazing that comes your way, because I know we both believe in karma, and you are amazing.

Your Friend/Roommate/Co-author/Basically Sister,

We love you unconditionally, so don't worry about drinking too much tequila tonight.
Don't ever stop paying attention.
Forever Your Girls,
Holly, Kristy, and Chrissy

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  1. Thank you babies. And thanks for everything always. Post is super sweet and you totally nailed me on everything from gobstoppers to textured bras. I love you all more than neon and glitter combined. Cant wait for tonight.
    Love love love.