Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hump Day Inspiration:

The Jersey Shore Has Been Renewed

When my brother first told me that MTV was coming out with a Real World-ish show that was based on the Jersey Shore and would follow, exclusively, a month in the life of 8 "guidos" and "guidettes" (I'm still not sure if I'm allowed to call them that, but JWOWW said its a "compliment"), I was displeased. As a lifetime Jersey Shore-er I have always had the annoying, elitist task of having to tell people, "No, no Stone Harbor is different than Wildwood". But now that I have fallen hard under the Jersey Shore spell, I no longer care if people can differentiate between fancy-pants Stone Harbor (where Oprah and Tom Cruise own homes) and Sleazeside heights. Instead, I proudly give a little fist-pump and just refer to it as the "Jerzay Showah Bitch!" (as Snooks would say).
So you can imagine how excited I was today when one of my bff's and fellow Jersey Girl, Jess informed me that not only was the Jersey Shore being renewed for another season, with THE SAME CAST, but they were going to be filming it in the town of Sea Isle City, a mere 3 miles from Stone Harbor, and the same beach town where, we had our first Jello Shots, learned how to play quarters and eventually became obsessed with infamous cover-band Mr. Greenegenes.

To think that this summer we could be eating pickles with Snooks, watching Sammi "Sweetheart" cry about her Flintstone toe, seeing JWOWW bust some "zoo creatures" in the face for calling her fat is just thrilling. I'm already daydreaming about "The Situation" creeping on my friends, battling the beat (because there is "something inside him") with Vinnie and figuring out a way to "stalk Paulie D's life on the boardwalk". And maybe if I play my cards right, I could get in on some of that Gym, Tanning and Laundry action with Ronnie.

So, heres to Chicken Cutlet night, Sea Isle Style! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Forever Your Girl,


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  1. Hahaha loveeeee. Maybe we will even be on the show this summer...a girl can dream right!?