Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Help for Hati Suggestion:

Danse Family Fundraiser

As we, Paige and Holly, are sometimes fabulous but always poor, there isn't too much we can do financially to help the Haiti victims and their families. However, when we found out that our friend, blog supporter, and super-sweet girl, Darnelle of Brooklyn lost family members that were living in Port-au-Prince, we immediately felt for Darnelle and her family and wanted to try and find some way to help. Texting hefty sums of money on our parents' phone bills just didn't seem like the way help our friend who works just down the street from our house.

The delicious Kush Cafe, where we had the first our roommate Christmas dinners, is having a fundraiser in which the proceeds will be given to Darnelle's family, the Dasnes.

We will be at Kush cafe Wednesday, February 3rd for the all-you-can-eat French Pan-African cuisine that is $20 and sounds absolutely awesome (we're not sure what Fricasee of Conch is but we're sure it's delish).

So follow our example, and do something good for your stomach and your heart and come!

Dasne Family Fundraiser

Wednesday, February 3rd 5pm-11pm

$20 Per Person All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Salade de Saint MarcMixed greens, tomato, onions, egg, lemon dressing
Main Courses

Beef Tassot au Riz Djon-DjonCrisp beef bites with black rice & banana pesée

Lambi Fricassee of conch, mirepoix vegetables, red kidney beans, rice & banana pesée

All profits will be donated to the Dasnes.
RSVP: or (718) 230-3471
Kush Café17 Putnam Ave (@ Fulton btwn Cambridge & Grand)
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Forever Your Girls,
Hollyn and Paige

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