Sunday, September 20, 2009


"I still have a piece of that chicken stuck in my teeth..."

We should start this post by letting you know that we will eat almost ANYTHING. The other night I came home from a dinner of Bhan Mi's ($3 Vietnamese sandwiches that have my mother convinced I will die from swine flu....ánh_mì) ....
... and Holly was treating herself to a sumptuous dinner of smashed-up Goldfish crackers covered in salad dressing. I know, we'll eat anything, well almost. 

We found these in our cabinet the other day and are still have no idea how they were FDA approved...  or what they were doing in our cabinet. 
That right people, thats bagged meat. It doesn't even need to be refrigerated! Thats where we draw the line. 

A roommate who will remain nameless tried it though, and coming from the girl who regularly eats Chef Boyardee Ravioli straight from the can at room temperature it was "too much like dog food". So we tossed it. 
No matter how FDP we are, we have standards people... And with that I shall go order myself a $4.50 "Pastrami Nightmare" from Purity restaurant. 


  1. I just read this post while sitting at my desk, eating chef boyardee 99% fat free ravioli. When will life get better?