Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hump Day Inspiration

And so begins our first weekly Wednesday segment where we fill our faithful readers with inspiration to get over the hump in the week, feel better about their lives and coast on towards the weekend.

Now, we know it's Wednesday and you may be miserable at your desk at your "job" like us but at least you arent..... Leighton Meister having to present with Blake Lively at the Emmy's last weekend.

Off-screen rivalry between pretty young thangs that co star on TV shows is as age-old as Tory Spelling and Shannon Dougherty. And our beloved Gossip Girls are no exception, the media loves to report on how much Leighton and Blake hate eachother and one can only imagine why. I mean, Leighton has to watch her co-star make out with her real-life boyfriend on screen every week (the cast is undoubtedly incestuous). But after the awards this past Sunday, our hearts really go out to Ms. Meister (who was born to an incarcerated mother, no less).

Imagine getting all dolled up in a flowing, angelic, uber expensive gown (with unfortunate shoulder pads, but whatever...) and spending hours and your hair and make up only to show up and have to present with THIS creature.

Even with a vile, Laura Croft fishtale 'do cascading down her bare back, blake would still be able to upstage a naked Leighton. With giant, perfect, gravity-defying boobs and endless legs BOTH on display in this blinding Versace number Blake makes Leighton look like a meek, pale little elf with creepy make-up drowing in a dowdy frock with mosquito bite boobs.

You may have a hard time genuinely feeling bad for Leighton. And yes, she may be richer, more powerful and more beautiful than we may ever hope to be, and she may get to kiss and roll around with ed westwick and get PAID for it, but at least you will probably never have to stand next to Blake Lively in front of dozens of millions of people and act like you like it.

Okay now, get back to work!

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