Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh we just wanted to tell you really quick....

.... We bought hats from the mens section at H&M for $7.95. They fit perfectly on both of our giant man heads. We just wanted to point out how cool and on-trend we are with our fedoras, like two years too late. 

Oh, also we are watching the premier of "Down to You", starring Freddie Prinz Jr. and Julia Styles, on The Lifetime network in matching negliges from Forever 21. Well, actually they were matching until Paige ripped the strap on hers and Holly had to cut the other strap with a knife while she was cutting onions for dinner. Now Paige's is a halter so they aren't exactly matching. 

Don't be too jealous of our glam lives, you too, could have this $7.95 hat. 

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