Wednesday, May 5, 2010


At Least You aren't US, In the Wake of James Franco Rumors

Forever and ever and ever no matter what...

So, just on the heels of our excitement about "Howl", and our other "Humpday" post about how it sucks to be any dude that ISN'T James Franco we've been dealt a serious blow. Could it be?! Could it be that Holly and my chances with him are about to become even SLIMMER? In the sage-like words of Lo Bosworth, "there's been talk...".

What we wouldn't give to gossip with Lo while watching Audrina eat something...

Daily Intel (aka the gods honest truth) is speculating that the love of our collective lives, our dream man, our body pillow, our holy grail James Franco could be gay.

Could it be?

Don't get us wrong, Holly and I love the gays and their Christmas pageants, and their literature and fashion and all the other wonderful things us straight people borrow from them, but this just doesn't seem fair. I mean, all the hot guys in New York are gay already, do they really need <3james<3>

Ricky with his babies (they got jipped on the skin tone gene)

This sucks. Last year, Holly and I made a "vision board" with all the things we wanted for our lives (this is from the book "The Secret", or something, I think Holly saw it on Oprah). On our vision board we put pictures of:
-a cute puppy (of course)
-two girls (a blond and a brunette) sunning themselves in matching gingham, french-cut bikinis (because we imagine ourselves with a lot of vacation time, and asses that look good in french cut bikinis)
-pictures of books (that we plan to write)
-a picture of Amy Sedaris holding a bunny (because, obviously)
-pictures of Loubuittons (our planned first purchase with our money from the books we'll write)
-a picture of the Eiffel tower (because we're going to take our moms to Paris with all our money)
-a receipt from Olive Garden (because their food is really good)
-BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY there were a ton of pictures of James Franco on there with glittery hearts around his head and script like "James and Holly and Paige Forever"

So, alas, it looks like our vision may never fully materialize if these tragic rumors are true, so we'd like to dedicate this Humpday to ourselves.

Today, be glad you aren't Paige Tibbetts or Holly McManus, sad little girls in gingham bikinis and Louboutins walking their dogs in Paris with their mothers, in search of some decent "Italian" from Olive Garden, and their one true love, James Franco.

So we want to be like this, but on a beach in bikinis in fancy shoes and fancier dogs too.

Forever your Girl,


PS- James, if you do decide to come out we still love you and fully
support you!


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  1. James has said in the past that he is NOT gay. He may support them but he himself is not gay. The recent interview where his rep stepped in & had him NOT answer Q's re:his sexuality MAY have been a publicity ploy. BUT IF he has chosen the lifestyle he outwardly supports it will be a VERY sad day for millions of women who have NOT. And I, for one will then delete my entire blog dedicated to him. (3 years of work down the drain!) And that'd be my choice.