Thursday, May 6, 2010

Congratulations Marena!

My 18 month younger sister, Marena, and I, had always spent our days together, side by side, playing and imagining what the rest of our lives would be like. As children, I wanted to be a lawyer (like Miss Piggy was on a Muppets episode), and Marena yearned to be a cashier. I would “defend” Marena as she sat, quietly, next to me in a “court”, and Marena would ring up our pantry items and tell me to have a nice day.

Marena and I would often sing along to 90’s Disney hits such as “Under the Sea” and “A Whole New World”. I would prance around singing Jasmine and Ariel’s parts, and would force Marena into playing the part of the doe-eyed Arabian street thief or a ballad-sy deep-sea crab.

I always got my first pick of Barbie dolls and Skipper dolls (we both liked Skipper’s bff Courtney because she was had crimped brunette hair). And when it came to Ken dolls we only had one Ken, so I, naturally, got the toothy man doll while Marena’s Skipper doll had to go on dates with a small stuffed clown named Bozo.

Marena and I, though we had separate rooms, beds, bedding, etc, slept in the same bed for most of our childhood. Some night’s we would fight over covers, pillows, or who got the next day’s last bowl of Coco Puffs. Most nights, however, we would use our “indoor” voices talking about how things would be when we were older. How we would both own convertibles and trees made of candy and houses that rivaled that of Daddy Warbucks.

Starting this weekend, we will now BOTH be severely disappointing our younger selves. I am in no way close to near to being a lawyer, and this weekend Marena will officially have a career that is in no way cashier-ish.

Marena, you would have made an awesome cashier, really. However I think you’ll do better at making people’s lives so much better, as you’ve always done for me.

I love you and congratulations Nurse Marena!

Forever Your Girl,


P.S. Paige, Chrissy, Kristy and I all expect free phsyicals4life.

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