Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Better Than Prom

If Paige or I lived anywhere near a mall (besides Harold Square's Manhattan "Mall") we would definitley be those ANNOYING girls trying on every dress in the store, taking pictures, and then politely piling the dresses somewhere, leaving, and re-fueling with a jumbo soft pretzel before going to the next prom dress store. Definitely.

The Manhattan Mall, though it has a soft spot in our hearts, just doesn't cut it as a prom dress destination. Thus, Paige and I are left to live vicariously through other girls wearing pretty and impractical dresses.

Here in New York City, we take impractical dresses to the next level. Today is the day after The Costume Institute's Met Gala, where young starlets, models, Oprah, and rock star's daughters dress in the most fabulous of haute couture and strut around talking to Zac Posen and Taylor Swift.

"Fabulous", however, is subjective. This morning, Paige and I had too much fun texting, bbm'ing, and emailing each other our thoughts on everyone's chosen couture. Like the prom dress-gossip that occurs the day after prom, this is our version of trashing and praising last night's Met's gowns.

Paige's Thoughts:

Its no secret that I love gold lamme and a plunging neckline, I also
love rompers. Lets face it, I love pretty much anything that a background actor in
"Scarface" would have worn, that why I'm really into Chanel Iman's
kind-of-scary, definitely-blinding jumpsuit.

Betty Draper is one of my all-time favorite gals, and I let it go when she
sucked at hosting SNL, I let it go when she divorced Don,
but I cant let this go. She looks like a crazed flamingo superhero
and it makes me very uncomfortable...

Speaking of uncomfortable... PADMA! Just, no! Girlfriend is obviously
really loving her post baby-bod, which is great and everything but
the coper color, the feathered boobs, her stylests apparent lack of a
steamer... pack your knives and go.

Carrey Mulligan, or as I'm goign to call her now Car-Mug is making me
really sad in all these pictures of her. Doesn't she look like shes a
bit more properly dressed to go on a tractor ride at a fun apple
orchard or soemthing? She could pick fresh strawberries and put them
in those hideous pockets, as at treat for later.

Margarita was my "nombre" in Spanish class in high school, its also
one of my favorite things to put in my mouth, but most of all its
Margarita Missoni, I really wish we could be friends, we could share
questionable head gear.

Sienna's navy, plungy, sluttly, lacy getup was a favorite of mine. So
was her date, who is the only blond adult man I've ever felt
attracted to.

Holly's Thoughts:

I'm not a Kate Hudson fan, but she's is one of the greatest flat-chested starlets of all time, and for that reason combined with this being a killer dress, I like this one.

Much like Paige's love for Betty, I love Joan, although am deeply intimidated by her boobies. I mean she is really asking for it, wearing this baby. Blue balls anyone? We are also pretty sure no one is looking at the bird-like decor on her shoulder...

Maybe it's just the summer angst deep inside of me, but, hell-o, slip'n'slide much?

This sparkle disco twirly gown is awesome. It's a Paige/Holly favorite. As if being married to Ferris Bueller and having a job as a pretend sex writer weren't enough, this dress makes us even more jealous of the life of SJP.

Blake famously picks out all of her own stuff, she considers it self-expression. Here, I think she is expressing that she has taken up cha-cha classes and is glad that pants season is over. Or maybe she hurt her bum playing cornhole and this will help when she needs to sit down. Also, is she singing or talking in this one?

This isn't a Halloween party pic circa 2003, but one featuring Dolce and Gabbana's flapper/lingerie/bondage looks at 2003's Met Gala.
Linda Evangelista looks pretty drunk.

Forever Your Girls,
Holly and Paige

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