Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Today is the 23rd birthday of one of our beloved roommates/best friends/dance partners!

Who is this Chrissy? Well let's get to know her better shall we?

Chrissy enjoys carbs, Persian men, babies (even ugly ones!), Macaroni and Cheese (Kraft , preferably Spiderman shapes), Ivanka Trump, jewel tones, LCD Soundsystem (on repeat), dancing on tables, and doing the dishes (well, we like to tell ourselves she likes this little chore to make ourselves feel better about filing our nails while she is scrubbing away).

Chrissy is the youngest, and so therefore we all have some beloved birthday advice for her:

You could probably stand to get a little bit drunker when we go out so I don't feel so crunkered all the time. Have a great year, and let's just do everything we can to make it possible that we are together for many more birthdays. May you have ANOTHER year with the same phone, although it's starting to make me look bad...I love you!
Very Truly Yours,


Even though you are six inches taller then me, have a "real job" (and by real job, I mean one the offers things like benefits), and don't wear sweatshirts everyday, I'm still 1.5 years older then you and therefore it's warranted that I give u a slew of "mature" advice for the big 2 3...

#1. food- kid food such as mac and cheese from a box or canned ravioli are mouth-watering, but now that your older...add some veggies to your processed food! Baby carrots perhaps? Maybe some garden peas? I don't think we will have to actually cook until we are in our mid-30s

#2. Fashion- as roommies we love to hike up our skirts and buy extra low cut shirts, especially to inappropriate places like work. Now that you are a year older I'm going to give the advice to keep on doing it! Until we've all successfully landed a man, there is no reason we shouldn't dress like whores...everywhere

#3. Fun- my last piece of advice is of course the most important...have fun! We live in the best city ever, without any real worries except maybe how rent will be paid. Drink your face off, dance with babies, sing 80s music (compliments to hols ipod), and enjoy it! I know that I will always look back on these few precious years that I lived with 3 amazing girls! I'm soo glad you came to live with us, my life would be considerably more boring without your bbms all day long and my winters colder if I didn't have u snuggling by my side!

Love love,

When I first met you, you had braces, American Eagle jeans and a childlike sense of wonder. And now look at you! I am so glad that we get to spend some of the best years of our lives together. You are and amazing friend, drinking buddy, dance partner, date, mac n' cheese maker, workout instigator, spooner, listener, and future PR mogul. As for advice? I'd just pass along what my dad always tells me- live in the moment, don't worry about the future or dwell on the past. We will never have more fun then we are having right now! I love you so much!

Forever Your Girl,

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