Monday, November 1, 2010

Ahead of the Game

Happy Monday everyone!
After letting everyone know about my and Paige’s Halloween costume plans, I got a Facebook message from a dear childhood friend about Paige and I being “ahead of the game” in comparison to Lady Gaga. Quite the compliment!

Also this childhood friend isn’t just anyone. She was coined the president of The Genius Club by my elementary school teacher who came up with this club for kids that could correctly spell , ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’ as a bonus on our spelling test. My clever pioneer naming capabilities playing Oregon Trail (the Spice Girls, the school nuns, Greek mythological gods) weren’t enough for me to ever make the cut to be in the club.

So back to our super compliment from the president of The Genius Club at St. Mary’s Cathedral grade school where we are a whole year ahead of Lady Gags.
Lady Gaga, the queen of costumes, dressed herself Cruella Deville and some mortals as bloody Dalmatians.

Oh HOW CLEVER Lady Gaga. She obviously stole this idea from Paige and myself. What’s next? Lady Gaga decides to have a “thing” for beagles named ‘Spider’?


Or she decides to be besties with Anne Heche?

Or she starts wearing accessories that are oh so Degrassi?

Or she starts stealing from the Olive Garden in Times Square?

We won’t have it.
So we will put all of you “ahead of the game” right now and predict that Lady Gaga will be Phyllis Neffler for Halloween next year, bloody or not. She just has some stiff competition because Chrissy looked awesome.

Forever Your Girl,

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