Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hump Day: Roz and The Camera Man

Paige, myself, America, we all enjoy rooting for the underdog. We love 'Smalls' in The Sandlot, the horrific contestants on casting American Idol, Ringo Starr, and Michael Cera's character in every movie.
So we feel for ex-Bachelor contestant Rozlyn Papa, who "had a relationship" with a member of the production crew (I like to think it was a cameraman), in her 15 minutes of fame.

The cameramen/lighting guys are so easily overlooked. This poor guy probably had to sit idly by, camera on shoulder, filming season after season of crazy girls throwing themselves at these "desirable" and "studly" bachelors.
When Rozlyn, the reality show contestant/model/makeup-artist/"mother" (she sounds like a Juicy Couture sweats-wearing "cool mom") decided to jump the bones of the guy filming her, we sort of got it. We think Jake the Bachelor is cute, but he would totally be the kind of guy who wanted to tag along on "girls nights" and probably wears an apron while pouring himself a bowl of cereal. Not sexy.

Chris Harrison, who I adore, is married and an obvious tattle-tale.

Sure, one of the cameraman's biceps is probably larger than the other from carrying his equipment, or maybe he takes advantage of craft service table treats (God knows the girls aren't eating it), and he probably drives a white Chevy Malibu. We like the fact that it wasn't the star of "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" that Rozlyn fell for, but the (in our minds) artsy, shy, sensitive, nice-to-animals yet alluring cameraman.

We like that sexy Rozlyn went for the guy that doesn't wax his chest. We like that she had her rose taken away because she was "cheating" on Jake the Bachelor, while he was openly playing 15 other girls. We wish they would have at least kept her on the show, to see if this "spiritual" bachelor could really be forgiving and could have some sort of redemption talk with Rozlyn.

As you ponder all the awfulness of having two more days of work ahead, think about poor poor Rozlyn, and please, keep rooting for the underdog. Because we know you want Mighty Ducks 3 to happen.

Forever Your Girl,