Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Humpday!

I was a figure skater for 9 long, cold, bedazzled years. I could do this fancy trick where I put my leg next to my head, and could do this decently entertaining shoulder shimmy shake, but other than that I really wasn't very good. Most of my points came from smiling and "pretty hands". I was slow. I ran head first into the boards one time during a competition. My "jumps" were more "hops" disguised as double salchows.

But that didn't stop my family from obsessing over the sport/art of figure skating. My dad considered Kristi Yamaguchi to be his long lost daughter. My mother favored the critically acclaimed yet risky jumper Katarina Witt (who I found out doing extensive reasearch for this post, posed for certain risque magazines). My younger sister loved Surly Bonaly, who once did an illegal backflip in a program after she botched her jumps.

I still consider meeting Nancy Kerrigan my biggest celebrity encounter (of course that will all change when Mary Kate Olsen strolls into Home Sweet Home one night...).
I, before her world famous "mishap", loved Tonya Harding. She was the skater I never was. A total badass. She skated to Jurassic Park while I hopped around to the theme song from Bewitched. Tonya was famous for "accidentally" "brushing against" other skaters during the practice warm up, skating away unapologetically whilst I would would stop and beg for forgiveness on the verge of tears if I got in the way of someone's jump.

Although my figure skating career was obviously over the day my token "shoulder shimmy" didn't get me on the podium, I still love the sport/art. So when I came across this Johnny Wier video, I had to share it with the world (our followers). Not only is this a little bit Holly (the skating part bit), but Johnny is also skating to (his close friend) Lady Gaga's "Poker Face", which Paige adores.

So, watch, enjoy, dance along, and appreciate Johnny's hip rolls. We certainly did. Happy Humpday kids!

Forever Your Girl,


I had an obvious yet legit crush on this guys, Ukranian born Victor Petrenko. Swoon

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  1. you forgot to mention how evan lysacek hit on you when you were a jr in highschool. Call me if you gonna be talking to your bookie about the olympic line up. Ill give u the scoop.