Monday, January 4, 2010



"oh how i've missed thee"

So, over the Holidays we had so spend a long, hard 10 days away from each-other (and you, dear readers!). The likes of such separation we have never seen before, it was a challenge, of course, but we've become the poster-girls for "distance making the heart grow fonder". Holly and her family enjoyed a sun-soaked cruise as Paige was left to navigate through the blizzards of the Northeast without her partner in crime. Lets explore last weekend, including familiy time and our tearful, sunday funday reunion.



-Wake up feeling surprisingly spry considering the night before was New Year Eve- Age 12

-Take little brother out to the following activities; brunch, shopping for counterfeit Jordan sneakers on Canal st, the driving range and batting cages at Chelsea Piers: Age 30 because I didn't complain once EVEN on Canal St.

-Dinner is left over Pizza and PBR: Age 18

-EVERY DEGRASSI EVER MARATHON is on, watch 4 hours- Age 12

-Go to bar with roommate and brother, we hatch a scheme for my 21 year old brother to score the gal of his dreams- Age 25

-Leave bar early to go finish last nights left over Andre and watch more Degrassi- Age 16

-Realize we also have a mini bottle of Hypnotiq left over from the night before, split it three ways and all fall asleep on couch- Um. No age, this should just n ever happen.


-Wake up without motion sickness or NYE hangover despite being on a large cruise ship and champagne/wine/tequila/beer/rum combo from the night/day before-Age 19

-On a cruise that doesn't have a wet t-shirt contest-Age 62

-Lie to siblings, "Mom and Dad say you guys better get up so we can get to the beach early", because of urgency to get better tan-Age 14

-Lounge on Barbados shore reading Valley of the Dolls, thinking of ways I can incorporate word 'doll' into my everyday speaking- Age 16

-Agree to go out on sea turtle boat tour only if I am not pressured to snorkel because want to sit on boat and get better tan-Age 14

-Guy who owns boat's name is Smiley and passes around a bottle that once held bleach and now holds rum punch. I decline.-no age, just a fun fact

-Ask Smiley questions about Barbados native Rihanna for a considerably long time-Age 9

-Buy large bottle of Mount Gay rum for roomies asking everyone in Duty Free how much is legal to bring into the states- Age 18



-Parents are here, little brother and I meet them at boyfriends cafe for lunch- Age 30

-Obligatory midtown trip with whole family to see the tree at 30 Rock and visit Niketown- Age 13 (because thats how old I was the last time I did it)

-Trip to UES for family dinner at childhood favorite restaurant, EJ's Diner... nostalgia.- Age 24

-My brother and I order a hot fudge brownie sundae and fight over hot fudge and I fret because I hate wet walnuts so I spit them out- Age 7

-My brother and I head back to Brooklyn with every intention of going out to a bar, soon realize that there are some episodes of DEGRASSI we've never seen, we stay in- Age 12


-Wake up early in San Juan, and make sure I have packed all of my presents from Papa Noel while packing-Age 7

-Put on 70 SPF to walk around old San Juan-Age 62

-When Blackberry gets a signal, immediately check phone to see who drunk texted me on NYE-Age 21

-Tearful farewell to family after having my mom buy me a pack of gum- Age 12

-Make besties with Meryl Streep-ish lady sitting next to me on plane who basically says "life is a crap-shoot" and that I need to get my act together-Age 42

-Borrow cute surfer guys phone to call boyfriend to ask when he is picking me up-age 14

-Give boyfriend souvenirs: spices to make me dinner with, hot sauce to put on my omelets, and a bootlegged CD of Soca music-Age 19


-Family brunch, football is the main topic of conversation, I cant keep up: Age 13

-I cant stop thinking about the eggs, brownies, and PBR consumed as I tried to eat like a 21 year old boy all weekend, so I go to the gym- Age 25

-Drink coffee and read the Times- Age 35

-Holly finally returns from her vacation and we both cry a little because we are so excited- Age 14

-We realize that though we woke up and got dressed in different countries, our ESP was working and we are wearing matching outfits, squeal and jump up and down- Age 9

-Holly shows the presents she got for the roommates, Rum, Rum Cake, Mint Chocolate Vodka, coconut oil and a crab magnet with moving legs- Age 28

-We test drive the mint chocolate vodka (over ice) then decide we should go to Union Hall (they have fire places!), play bacce and drink beer- Age 21

-Our first EVER game of bacce we cream our competition, we make them bow to us and buy us a beer- Age 21

-We sit together by the fire and cant stop talking about how much we missed eachother, we keep hugging and making everyone else uncomfortable- Age 16

Our age after a weekend of families and reunions clocks in at 20.8 years old, Holly's obsession with sunscreen could not make up for Paige spitting out wet walnuts, and the collective squealing regarding matching outfits certainly can account for a chunk of this immaturity. But since Paige turned 24 over break, and a Merryl Streep-a-like told Holly to get her act together, we're projecting that 2010 could see a gradual aging of the maturity index. Or we're at least hoping to be over 17.

Forever your Girls,

Paige and Holly


  1. def more pics to come, these were the only ones i had at the time though...

  2. I want a pic of Will missing me with his shirt off. Please.

  3. please tell me Will did not buy fake nikes on canal st