Tuesday, February 9, 2010


ITS COMING, a full-on blizzard, New York is expected to get, like a million feet of snow and this is, as my Mom calls it, "The STORM OF THE CENTURY- of the week". Although its totally wishful thinking that our offices would actually be closed and we'd have an old-school SNOW DAY, its stills good to be a little Girl Scout and "always be prepared". So Holly and I asked ourselves, if we were really snowed-in, what is it that we'd need to get through. So now, enjoy our list of 30 FDP "Must Haves: To Survive a Blizzard"

Paige's Must-Haves:

1. Electric blanket/mattress pad

2. Handle of vodka

3. Box of gobstoppers

4. 3 bags of frozen edamame (the cheap kind, not that organic shit!)

5. Fingers crossed for a Degrassi Marathon

6. "Magnum" Bottle of Red wine (or three, depending on how deep the snow is)

7. The game "Catch Phrase"

8. People who are willing to let me win "Catch Prase" at any cost.

9. Working internet.

10. People who are willing to watch YouTube videos of puppies. /span>

11. Cheap, one-off brand hot chocolate, powdered.

12. Carton of whoppers.

13. Clueless and Arrested Development on DVD

14. Thigh-high tube socks, sweatpants, thermal shirt, Liz's field hockey sweatshirt from high school

15. Someone to spoon/pile with.

Holly's Must-Haves:

1. Too-short college dance team sweatpants that have cougar paws on the butt area

2.Fingers crossed for Lifetime movies that have lots of deaths, preferably caused by odd objects (tea kettle) being slung at someone's pretty (but Lifetime pretty) face

3. A working Crazy Popper and popcorn

4. A laptop that doesn't necessarily need to be working as will be TV tray for crazily popped popcorn

4. Pair of odd but awesomely textured socks that I got for Valentines day from my mom 9 years ago

5. Pray that I get my weekly package from my dad that usually has a heartfelt message on GreenPeace stationary and candy he obviously found around the house

6. Cocoa flavored Yogi tea that no one but me will touch with a 10ft pole (PT Note: its seriously vile)

7. Infomercials for stuff I haven't yet succumbed to buying

8. Mango Thai takeout menu and $10, $13 if I want spring rolls along side my Red Thunder goodness

9. Store brand Crystal Light in Cranberry Pomegranate flavor to mix with Paige's #2 above

10. Our camera to take pics of us doing really important stuff like Chrissy fixing our smoke alarm

11.Girl chatting in my room/the basement/dungeon around my space heater that would have trouble heating up a walk-in-closet

12. Piles of girls

13. Working and not lost-the-night-before Blackberry to call my mom and boyfriend pretending to be doing laundry and reading his old The Economist

14. Talk before sleep in Paige's toaster oven bed

15. Holding hands.


  1. Holly, I think we both know that "Cocoa flavor" Yogi tea is also marked on the box as a natural herbal laxative. In fact, I think it's called "Smooth Moves." This is a very bad idea on a day where you don't plan to leave the house.

  2. Sarah

    I have had Smooth Moves. It belonged to someone close to Paige, but not Paige herself. The Smooth Moves cocoa is a defferent brand. Please get your tea facts straight before accusing peole of taking laxatives disguised as chocolate. What if one day you are drinking Tang and I accuse you of drinking orange Metamucil (is that what its called?). Or you are eating regular Wheaties and I say, "hey, that's Fiber One Cereal right?".
    Please, don't try to talk laxative talk if you don't really know what you are talking about.

  3. Holly,

    It WILL be orange metamucil.


  4. And then I will post on your blog that you are drinking the Smooth Version of Tang.
    Smooth Tang.
    Tang that moves smoothly.
    Metamucil Moves.
    Smooth Sarah Moves.



  5. I've just watched 2:04 of a chinese welsh corgi puppy. Thank you. Now I will have a cup of smooth move and take a nap.