Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hump Day Inspiration:

At Least Your Parents Love You

So, its the Humpday before Valentines day, and the Humpday, Snow-Day-But-I'm-At-The-Office AND Valentines Day-is-coming-and-its-going-to-suck combo probably has a lot of us down in the dumps. But, since it's Wednesday, we'd like to remind you that it could always be worse.

In the weeks leading up to Valentines Day, Holly and I have really been taken aback by this one particular Hallmark commercial. This commercial depicts a boy, probably about 7 years old, reading by flashlight in a makeshift tent in his room. The book he's looking at is being read aloud to him from a speaker attached to the book, in his mothers voice. Now, of course we get this. Its a nice idea for a kid to have a valentine present from his mom, and Holly and I are both known to love books almost as much as we love our mothers BUT we cant help but see this as some terrible absentee parent trickery. Call us old-fashioned but when we think of reading a book to our future children, we imagine actually being there, physically.

So as you pour yourself a box of wine, leave your TV permanently on Lifteime and eat an entire bag of chalky message-hearts (... what? they're delicious) and prepare yourself for a another disappointing Valentines day, just be glad that your parents actually read to you as a child*.

To learn more check out it out here and let us know what you think.

Forever Your Girl,

*Unless they didn't, in which case, I'm sorry and please give me your mailing address and I'll send you a bag of chalky message-hearts.


  1. Not only did my parents read to me, but they read me the same books so often that I pulled off some major Michelle Tanner precociousness by memorizing the books. This has nothing to do with Valentine's Day, but damn I was amazing/annoying child.

  2. "Pour yourself a box of wine" made me dissolve into giggles!