Thursday, February 11, 2010


Its a fact that most New Yorkers had a strained relationship with their Landlords. Housing, itself in New York is a stressful topic and if you think too hard about the fact that each month you sink at least 50% of your tiny monthly salary into a piece of real estate you will never own, you'll probably get an ulcer. Thats why, as in life, you have to appreciate the good moments you share with your landlord.

Things haven't always been kosher between us and our two hasid landlords Joshua and Ari*. It took them 6 months (and three break-ins) to put bars on the windows of our apartment building, two people had to be taken to the hospital because of black mold in the basement, our neighbors tub was leaking into our kitchen through one of our light fixtures, oh, and we had a RAT INFESTATION. But you know, no one is perfect.

Thats why my heart warmed today, despite the two feet of snow, when the following text exchange took place:

Ari: Hi. Its Ari with management. Just checking in if everythin ok in apt.

Me: Hi Ari, Thats really nice of you. Everything is ok, but we need Carlos to fix the tile in the bathroom again.

Me: I'm afraid there may be some mold issues as well. Black mold is bad. I read.

Ari: You mean Hermen? He's the super. When is good not today or tomorrow.

Me: Next Monday we don't have work, that would be great. Like 11am?

Ari: Ok, sur.

Me: Great, thanks so much. Stay warm! This weather is nuts!

Ari: Thx I know. So nuts!

Come on! How sweet is that?! It makes me want to hug him, or at least give him a handshake but both are strictly forbidden... we found that out in the most awkward possible way.

Forever Your Girl,

*names have been changed to protect the innocent-ish, the spelling errors remain intact.

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