Friday, August 14, 2009

Open Bar-Not as Bad of an Idea as My Mom Told me...

We are by no means strangers to the kindly received phrase "open bar". We did it on Halloween dressed as ballerinas, making friends with bumblebee trannies on the F train. We did open bar at a college alumni "function" (open bar and the real use of the word 'function' probably cannot be used in the same sentence) where I stole beer from an elderly man, who no doubt saw and was undoubtebly an important alum. We did an open bar sponsored by Paige's job where, after her dress got stuck on the zipper of the backpack of a short man she had perviously mocked, he then persuaded us to join him for some after-hours rum and cokes at a comedy show that featured me sweet-talking this short backpacked man, who also happened to have a career as an internet comedian.
However last Thursday was different. After Paige enlisted some special treatment from a certain doctor I once dated, we were obligated to pay a whopping $40 to attend an open bar sock hop event where the good doctors band was the evenings entertainment. The proceeds went to the Children of Chernobyl Charity. Now we don't usually spend even $40 on food for a week, however we both put on our best 50's garb (Paige in 50's prom me in 50's ummm...swimwear?) and kicked off with some totally unnecessary pregaming for an open bar for the Children of Chernobyl charity.
I would like to say we totally took advantage of this open bar (aka charity), however we were already feeling pretty charitable (drunk?) by the time we got there so we only had about 4-7 drinks a piece throughout the night. Paige met some guy that introduced himself as Jewish Don Draper (its like he read her mind), and I guess I met some guy because I got a Facebook friend request the next day with a message saying he enjoyed meeting me at the charity (all you can drink) even the night before (Jacob Katsof? Who are you?). We abused the free photo booth taking obnoxious/wannabe sultry pics that when printed out read, "Children of Cherbbyl Org" at the bottom of each and every sassy pic.
We could have gone to TenJune at the end of the night and buy some drinks that didn't go to charity, but it wouldn't have felt the same drinking if the vodka tonic/whiskey sours weren't in some way helping children in need.
This, friends, proves that charity on a budget is worth more than your weekly allowance of grocery money or on a new pair of shoes.
P.S. we in no way intend to offend anyone in any way regarding our drinking for charity. Children of Chernobyl is a totally great and important organization that helps many many kids in need. Thanks to the 92Y etc for hosting this celebration of charity, motown, and gin. Check the link below to see how you can get involved.
Dirtily Yours,

Jewish Don Draper

Pregaming for all-you-can-drink...

Drinking Sparx for Charity

Paige thought these girls' job looked fun...she really was just jealous of their sequins.

Jewish Don Draper!

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